Thursday, July 22, 2010

On Vacation!

Dear Reader!

I am on vacation! I am visiting the famous Hills of Tennessee, as mentioned in the song, "Proud to be an American." My great-aunt and uncle live here and I am visiting them along with my Mom, Grannee, and Brother. Today I am at home while Brother and my aunt go zip-lining, and my Mom watches.

It is really nice and relaxing here. I took pictures of the place and tried to upload them here, but I messed it up. So, I'll probably try that again some other time.

Today something exciting happened!

A wild animal escaped into the house! The monster came from the vast unknown through the garage (supposedly) and darted at top speed into the house. My uncle shouted and I said, "Are you serious?" He assured me he was and told me the creature had taken cover in Grannee's room.

I entered the room following my uncle, and there was no creature to be found. Then all of the sudden, a rustling in the curtain, and I saw it. It came at me, and I stood perfectly still until it passed me in the hallway. Then, me and my uncle chased it down fearlessly. He had a net to assist him, while I was left to fight the savage beast with my bare hands. Grannee just watched it from the sidelines, probably paralyzed with fear.

I got it corned in the laundry room and my uncle came. "Where is it?" he said in his deep voice, "Its over there." I said gesturing to the corner. I had already opened the garage door so the thing could get out. My uncle went over it, talking to it (calling it "stupid"), using his net to herd it out into the garage. Then, it was out. We were saved!

So, my uncle opened up both garage doors so the cute sweet darling little wren could go back outside.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick Update: Saver to Spender

Dear Reader,

As usual, a whole lot has happened since I wrote last. I will conveniently list the latest events below, as this seems to be a very efficient way to quickly update...

Note: Events are in order of memory at the time of writing.

1.  I made great chicken and dumplings last night! I am very hungry right now, sorry.

2. I bought two new pairs of flip-flops! My cutest pair you can see below (picture and link curtesy of I got an all black pair, but it is the same as that one rhinestone wise. My other pair is a pair of squishy Under Armour brand ones. 

3. I'm getting pretty good on the violin. The Baby dog doesn't cry so much when I play anymore.

4. Grannee is coming! She should arrive next Tuesday! So excited!

5. I finished Biology! I call my teacher for my final grade stuff tomorrow and I will be officially done. He said that if I ever need a letter of recommendation for anything to give him a call and he would write me a good one.

6. I bought a pink acoustic guitar! Kind of. I actually was playing with it today while waiting for my violin teacher to get to the store for my lesson. It is pink. It burst into tears when I left without it. So, I called up the store on the way home and told them to put a "SOLD" sign on it and I would be back tomorrow to pick it up.

7. I am sooo not liking parting with my money. I am what you call "frugal".

8. I am going on vacation soon! Mom, Brother, Grannee, and I are going to Tennessee to visit my great-aunt and uncle who live there. We are all (minus brother who lacks the ability to be enthused) extremely excited about going!!!!! (I put !!!!! because we are that excited)

9. My T-Cells (main part of immune system) are not growing :( However, I'm still not getting sick :D

10. Because my T-Cells are really very low, I will not be going to school on August 9th like every other average-Joe public schooler in my county. This also means, that Brother is going to go to high school before me... That stinker!

11. It also means that I probably won't have to do all my IB homework :D

I have more stories to tell you, but I don't have more time to tell them. So, good-bye for now, and I will write again later.

~Miss E.