Thursday, April 22, 2010

Silent Birthday Party

Dear Reader,

I know I haven't written in a really long time and sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't going to be much of a post either. It is mostly pictures.

Brother had his 14th Birthday party on Saturday the 17th. It was a Silent Library birthday party. Silent Library is a TV show where contestants have to "endure punishment" in a library at an undisclosed location. If the contestants can remain silent while enduring the punishment, they win money. Here is a sample of some of the punishments that took place at Brother's party.

There were two teams. This challenge was a race, which ever team consume their frozen drinks first won the money.
This one was also a race. Contestants had to race each other to the end of the driveway blindfolded.....
while being pelted with water balloons.
For this challenge, the teams raced to see who could pop their balloons first.
This contestant was subject to a make-over.
All this contestant had to do for this challenge was eat pudding...
with help from the leaf blower.

The party was really awesome, and I am not sick from it yet. I have been breaking TONS of my low-microbial rules, and I am not sick yet. I am a bit more tired than usual, but not feeling bad. I have actually been feeling quite good.

I would post more, but this is just a short post. I have been very busy though. I'll do another post soon, maybe, hopefully, probably.

Sorry if you feel like I "left you hangin'."

Write again soon, Miss Ellaneous

PS I have lots of virtual school to do, its a big reason I haven't written in a long time. School and work first, then hobbies, that the rule you know.


  1. WOW! Brother's party looks like it was really fun. I hope you get your school work done so you can write again soon.

  2. Seriously! This is a blast! Wish we could have made it! I like the leaf-blowing-pudding session lol!

    BTW that lechon is looking so Cuban to me right now (^-^)

  3. You came up with all of these games??? How fun! What a great party.

  4. I must have missed this post! That pudding one is hilarious!