Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Peace

Hi Reader,

I know I haven't written in a really long time, over half a year, but I knew that when I did write again, I would have feel the need to write about a certain person, and I didn't know how to say the news. However, I have given it much thought, and I think I found a good way.

My friend, though I only met him 2 or 3 times, I would venture to call him such, is not on earth anymore. On September 18, 2010, Iron Man went to be with the Father. Everyone who knew him (or knew of him) knew he was ready. He relapsed again, and he had already had multiple transplants in a short time. His cancer was strong, of course it was, because it was his, and he was strong.

His service was beautiful, my mom and I went, it was a 3 hour trip there and back. There were 3 members of hospital family that came besides us. I was a little disappointed, I thought more would come. I know others loved Iron Man, they talked about him with it in their eyes. I think many people do not understand how important funerals are, for the family, and for yourself. It puts things at rest in your mind, and helps make you wise.

Iron Man's sister sang a song just for him, "Hero," and she sang it beautifully. Iron Man was a hero to everyone. There was music, nobody gave speeches, and those that knew Iron Man well did not cry, they all knew where he was. I think they were thinking of him, or at least trying to. There was a girl whimpering and sobbing behind me, so my thoughts were cloudy, but I didn't cry too much. I knew Iron Man was happy, so I was trying to be too. One of my favorite parts of the funeral was when Iron Man's mother, Big Wig, walked in.

Iron Man's service was held in his high school gym. Iron Man hadn't gone to school for years, but he did love school, not in the way I do, he loved being with his friends, and living. I like that too, but I also like the education part a lot. Anyway, the people occupied one side of the gym, and sat on the bleachers, family sat in folding chairs on the gym floor. When Big Wig walked in everyone in the bleachers bolted up like they were stuck with a hot poker. The bleacher packed with people all showing that respect at once, for Iron Man's family, I liked it.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about the best thing ever.

When I was younger, maybe 10 or 11, I experienced something I can only call "the peace." It comes sometimes in the hospital at night. You can not tell when it comes, once it came when I was crying. The nurses are still there and there is beeping in the distant, but somehow things seem quieter. I've felt it before, in church, during the part of mass where people are coming back from receiving the Eucharist. There is a song we sing then..

"Surely the presence, of the Lord is in this place. I can feel his mighty power and his gra-ace. I can feel the touch of angel's wings, I see glory on each face. Surely the pre-esence, of the lord, is in this place."

In the hospital, I thought it felt like prayers. The prayers of the parents, families, patients, even employees, running over my body, through it, filling me with warmth. Now, that I think about it with church, and put the two together, I think it is the angels, who carry the prayers and deliver them to Jesus. It is that piece of heaven, of God, that they bring with them when they go places, the feeling of eternal safety, happiness, and love. I wanted to have it forever, so I made a memory, just as I had made when I felt it in church, often I felt it inside of me, and it was gorgeous and great.

I'm not the only one that's felt it either, Mom has, and the few parents I have asked about it have also, some employees too. It is real.

Iron Man is experiencing "the peace" constantly right now. He has such a strong faith... I hope, one day, you will feel "the peace" too, and focus on it hard, and make a memory of it. Don't let it pass over you, or shrug it off, because you won't see its beauty. And who knows? It might just be a hero sending you a message.

Love, Miss E.


  1. Mary,

    I just spent over a hour writing to tell you how beautiful this posting was and how it touched me as well as so many other things and I went to post and "ZING" all went away!

    So rather that recreating a masterpiece (lol), I am just going to say that you have truly been a beautiful inspiration to all that know you. You are a kind and beautiful person with a beautiful heart and incredible humor and wit!
    Yes Miss E., you are old for your age...but in spiritual wisdom from the Father above...and you can't help that it overflows into your daily life!

    Our Relay for Life event in Desoto County was entirely dedicated in Dustin's honor and memory. Each year there is a theme for participating teams.
    Guess what the theme was?


    Guess who "Dustin's Warriors" team Super Hero was?

    You got it!

    IRON MAN!!!

    You are the creator and inspiration for IRON MAN A.K.A. Dustin's Warriors!

    I'm sending you and your mom a t-shirt with the logo and it would be great if you would forward me your mailing address. I know I have it somewhere, but if you could assist me in providing this information, it would expedite your package delivery!

    Please send my greetings to all at ACH and my love to your mother and family.

    With love,
    Big Wig

  2. I am filled with joy as Big Wig says it, my eyes are leaking. You truly are an inspiration to many, as was "ironman" aka Dustin; an inspiration to all who knew him and as many who never met him. My love and prayers are with you, your Mom and all the beautiful souls at ACH. Thanks for your beautiful writings. With my gratitude, "C"

  3. How wonderful to have a post from you again. I am so overcome as I read about your dear friend. Sometimes it is hard to keep our eyes on the things that matter most and a life lived like "Iron Man" helps us all remember. I really look forward to reading more posts.