Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Reader,

I know it has been forever, and I've really thought about letting this thing die, and probably will, but one last post...

I'm at school now! Well actually, not now, in the sense of the immediate present, because it is summer, but if it weren't summer, I would be in school! I'm actually a senior now, and I did the second semester of junior year in the IB program. My first day of school was January 4th.

While I was at school, I picked up a best friend, and before long, he asked my dad if I could be his girlfriend (before he asked me of course).

Mom keeps geting sick all the time. She has cancer for the 5th time now, and has been needing much help, but I am taking good care of her.

Brother is older, more manly looking, and hairier. He is into philosophy and theory, and I think if he could choose any job in the world he would probably want to be a professional thinker. Such a nerd.

Dad is working his butt of as usual, and all is fine and normal. A great summer, and a great rest of my life is a head. Thanks for reading.

Miss E.

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  1. Sorry to read your last post Miss E., but glad to know you are doing so well. Take Good Care and know if you ever need me, your number 1 Fan is always ready to do anything for you!

    Much Love,
    # 1 Fan