Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Girls Are Staying

Dear Reader,

Mom has been teasing me a bit since I posted my last post. I misunderstood something.

See, about a week ago, I went with Mom to Moffitt because she was having an ultra-sound of her breast done. Then, they found the abnormal lumps and she had a biopsy. The biopsy came back and said that was metastasized ovarian cancer present, like I said in my last post. So (silly, ignorant me) I thought that she had ovarian cancer in her breast. "How is that possible?" you might ask. I don't know, but taking the information I had known, that is what I had concluded.

In my brain, it made sense that Mom might need to pull a St. Agatha and get the girls chopped off.

However, Mom's ovarian cancer hasn't invaded her bosoms like I had thought. As Mom says, "Why would I need a mastectomy for ovarian cancer?" The ovarian cancer had invaded her lymph system a while ago and traveled up into a lymph that is in the side/chest area. I guess her melon isn't rotten after all, so there is no need to throw it away. The missile is not going to be launched at this time. I am not going to go shopping with Mom for custom bras, or get to see what I would look like with DD boobs anytime soon.

So sorry if you are disappointed,
Miss E.


  1. Your poor dear mother, that is all I can say!

  2. I I I don't know what to say....Glad your mom's girls are sticking around? (this is just weird)

  3. I agree with Fans #2 - not quite sure how to respond! Does "praying for your mom and ALL of her parts" sound right?
    Much love to you both.

  4. I believe we're not nearly as disappointed as you are....

    Mom, you obviously need to take this girl shopping.

    Mary, you crack me up!