Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My IB Application Result and Babies

Dear Reader,

Sorry I haven't written in so long! You poor dears. I have news for you though that will hopefully explain everything.

I got an email from Mr. I'm-in-charge-of-the-IB-program on Monday. Here is what is said:

Attached is the official letter concerning your status in PIBS for next year.
Yes, you were accepted. However, there is one small provision to your acceptance for next year. Because PIBS and IB students have to attend school (there are some IB assessments that are given in an interactive group setting), the Application Committee has requested that you have a doctors approval releasing you to attend Lecanto High School full time. Because PIBS and IB teachers need specific training, it is not possible to do PIBS or IB on a homebound status.

Ta-da! So, I'm going to talk to Patch when I go to clinic tomorrow about it. I'm so excited, I signed up for Spanish immediately, and I am already active and activated in the course. I have turned in 3 assignments, so estoy muy bien! Besides those, I have turned in 3 assignments in my other FLVS (Florida Virtual School) classes too, one in each of Biology (Honors), Geometry (Honors), and Life Management Skills. So that is 6 total today. Since Monday, I have been doing very much schoolwork everyday. See even if I don't make it to school this coming year, Mr. I'm-in-charge-of-the-IB-program says that he will work with me so that I pick the best courses so I could start the IB program at it's official start date, which is the 11th grade year.

He also says, Miss E.,"you have struck me as a very articulate young lady with fabulous potential." He is a really professional kind of guy so this really means a lot and it made my week! Mostly because Mom kept teasing me about how much I had worked on my essay and that it won't win any awards and they aren't going to say anything special about it... bwahahahha!

Speaking of Mom...

From Thursday night until Monday evening, I was taking care of Mom and her dog, Baby. Baby wouldn't leave Mom at all. She wouldn't go outside or ask to go potty (she wouldn't mess either, she'd just hold it in), she wouldn't go to drink, and she wouldn't leave to eat. She was hopelessly devoted. When Baby had been in bed for a while I would have to carry her outside, because if I brought her to the door and told her to "Go outside." she would refuse me. I brought both Mom and Baby food and water while Mom was sick, and they had their meals in bed. Baby is a very good dog to Mom.

Mom is doing much better now, she is out of bed during the day and even managed to drop-off and pick-up Brother from school today. Brother, who by the way, got voted as the 8th grade male with the "Best Personality" by his peers. There seems to be sufficient hope that she will be able to handle my clinic appointment tomorrow. I'm very thankful for that. She was really sick from this chemo.

Back to the subject of babies, I thought you might like to know, Reader, that Springs first baby chicks have arrived! My Dad's hobby is chickens, and every year he says, "I am not going to hatch anymore." So, here are is the first hatch of the season! Sorry they aren't totally fuzzy and utterly adorable, they were already about 6 days old when I took the picture.

I hope you have a great day! God's blessings!
Miss Ellaneous, Future IB Student

P. S. The Young Cousin and Grannee are going to arrive here March 30th, which is only 6 days away! I am praying that I keep my head and am a good "favorite cousin" while they are here.


  1. numere dos seguidor!March 24, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Congratulations your IB acceptance! They are in for a real treat! We are glad #1 fan is feeling better. She is in our prayers! Hasta Luego.

  2. So glad you are in the IB program. You and brother sound like the perfect children, what a blessing to your parents. I am glad you are taking Spanish and hope you learn well. I can speak a bit of that lanuage myself, taco, enchilada, burrito... Have a great day Miss E.