Friday, March 26, 2010

The Young Cousin

Dear Reader,

You know how I've been saying at the end of my last couple posts how nervous I am about the Young Cousin coming? The above picture is of the Young Cousin and Grannee. Just look at them. They look so harmless and sweet in that picture right? Well, this picture is a shining example of how looks can be deceiving.

Don't get me wrong, Grannee is great! She does all the Grannee things, snuggles, hugs, cookies, and such, and the Young Cousin is very sweet, but.... well...

I am 15 years old (and really old mentally), she is 11. I am the older cousin, I am a female, I (no matter what I do, or how much she teases me about being nerdy or uncool) am the bee's-pajamas to her. Which is great! However it comes with responsibilities. I work hard to be a good older cousin to her, and sometimes it is really hard work, thus my anxiety.

The Young Cousin likes attention. She calls often, at least once a week, which is also great, she is the only person who calls me on a regular basis. I like that she calls, it makes me feel like I am special to her.

Sometimes all the attention she requires is too much for me though.

The Young Cousin is a victim of her own imagination, and also suffers from EDQD (Extreme Drama Queen Disorder) and YEEMS (Your Emotions Entertain Me Syndrome).

Tragic. I know.

She makes up tons of stuff to get attention so you can't really believe anything she says, which presents its difficulties. She is never wrong either. Like when she was telling me about the Twilight Series, she's read all 4 books you know, and how Jacob Black is a vampire. I have read all the books too (I don't recommend them, the characters are not consistent) and reminded her that Jacob was a werewolf. She said, "No. He's a vampire." and I being the mentally mature 15 year old that I am, told my 11 year old cousin, "No. He's a werewolf."







"Fine! Let me skim through the book and find out." The Young Cousin finally says.

"Okay, try New Moon, it is all about Jacob." I say, thinking there is no way she is "skimming" through those books.

"Okay. Oh yeah!" She exclaims, "Here it is. I forgot, Jacob is a werewolf!"

*rolls eyes*

So anyway, I am a bit nervous about her coming. It is great having somebody crave your attention, but sometimes a respite is necessary. I just worry that I won't be able to stay good the whole week, but I'll try, and the Young Cousin is very sweet and good. When I mess up and lose it with her, she always forgive me. She's a real friend.

I hope you have a great weekend!
The mature, Miss E.


  1. Hi Miss E.
    Sounds like you and your cousin are more like sisters. Keep focusing on the fun things you do together and how thankful you are that you have her for your cousin, maybe that will make your time together memorable. Have a good time!

  2. I bet we will get some GOOD stories out of this visit! Can't Wait!