Saturday, August 7, 2010


I just read my post and I was thinking, "What if I was a kid (a school-goer) reading that? I would think thinks were just fine and dandy! That's not what I was going for!"

The message I wanted to get across to other kids (teens) is:

Just look at what you have! This kid, this sweet 15 year old girl hasn't been to school for 6 years! You think that's fine?! You think, "Oh things are always bright and happy for Miss E. She'll be fine." No! That is not true. Miss E. is NOT fine and dandy, her aura is totally not pink right now. How dare you!

How dare you complain about not getting the classes that you want! How dare you complain about your busy schedule! Is your heart blind?! How dare you complain about getting to go school!

Going to school is a privilege.

Having a job is a privilege.

Oh you know do you? If you know that, they why don't you act like it?

Quit thinking about how bad you got it.... That's what I'm trying so hard to do right now. Other people use me to accomplish this, I use other people....

Yesterday, was Prayer's first birthday. Happy birthday, I'm thinking of you, and thank you for helping me.

Miss E.


  1. Happy Birthday Prayer! I am praying for you Miss E. I hope you enjoy the school you do have even though it is not the one you dream of.

  2. Miss E, you are awesome! You have certainly earned your patience badge. Thanks for giving us all some perspective!

  3. Miss E, everyone needs a little bit of perspective now & then - great post! And thank you for remembering Prayer this week. We miss her so much.