Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Good Brother

Dear Reader,

I thought I would write about some things I really like today. However, that would take really long, and I would want to write too much, and it just won't turn out right, which might make me stress out. Stress (as you probably know) can cause hair loss, weight gain, change in hair color (gray hairs), an increase in blood pressure and heart beat, quick changes in mood or behavior, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, head-aches, swollen feet, the formation of disgusting oozing pustules, and more.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated on some of those, but why take the risk?

So, instead of writing about some things I like, I'm going to pick 1.

I pick Brother.

Brother has black hair that is as straight as a straight pin, and probably has the same circumference. His eyelashes are so full that unless you examined him closely (or you knew him) you could easily think him to be wearing "guy liner". He is the most toned guy I have noticed his age, and he also looks the most manly. That isn't why I like him though.

Brother is a good brother.

He is protective. Granted he isn't like a "girl flick movie protective", but he does protect me, even if he doesn't always want me to know it or realize it. I think he's probably the most nervous about me getting out of isolation, because he sees what an utter dork I am at home and worries I may act that way in public. Which I may be prone to do, especially if he is present. He stays away from sick people at school because he knows that if he caught the right kind of sick, I will surely perish. He (and Dad) do the yard work because he knows that I (and my mother much of the time) deteriorate in the heat. He does more protective stuff too, but this is not a post on his protectiveness, and 3 examples is good for a paragraph.

He is trustworthy. If you tell him a secret he will not repeat it. I can do that too, but it seems to be harder for me. I think this is for two reasons A.) I don't get out much, so there is hardly ever anything to talk about B.) I don't understand why people keep "YOU CAN'T TELL ANYONE!" secrets, it makes no sense to me. I think that you could always tell someone, as long as you knew they were a safe person. Brother seems to not care about what anyone tells him for the most part. So, he won't tell people what you tell him because very frankly, what does it matter to other people anyway? He's a "safe" person to talk to.

He is a bunch of other good brother stuff too. He may not be so nice 100% of the time, but he apologizes when he does something uncalled for and hurtful, which mot many people can do. He plays games with me, like chess or gamecube. He's a good listener when you need one, and he tries to understand, and he doesn't judge enough to say he's one who does. He's not stuck on stupid stuff either, he knows there are WAY more important things.

I'm not going to write much more because this post is getting long already. Here are the last few things I would like to mention.

Brother is my friend, I think I am his, though we would probably never be friends if we weren't siblings because we keep different social groups. I love him very much, he is a great brother, and he loves me too, though I can only remember getting an "Okay" on the sister scale. He might have called me good in the sister department once or twice though.

And something that I really like about my whole family:
We aren't weird about things. What I mean by this is, we don't hide from each other or keep secrets (except ones that aren't ours to share) from each other. We don't think our lives are not normal, because to us, they are perfectly normal. What's not normal about them? My mom being bald, barfing every 3 weeks, and me sporting faded bruises like jewelry is normal. If I asked you, "How do you cope with having that gap in your teeth?" What would you think of me?

What gets me, what puts my "Not Normal!" flag up, is when I see families where a member has some a health challenge or sickness and they are all "Ah! We aren't normal! I don't know if I can stand it! When will I/my spouse/my child be normal again!? How can I handle it!?" I mean grow up! You are as normal as the rest of us, your normal is just different, as is everyones'. The thing is, this is your life, this is your normal, so you may as well like it.

Brother and I decided a long time ago. We each have one sibling, only one. We can be friends, we can "get along", or we can choose to do neither of those things. I like our decision.

Sister of a Good Brother, and Member of a Normal Family,
Miss E.


  1. Nice post Miss. E. I just bet you are a great sister to brother, it is probably in your blood.

  2. What a sweet post Miss E. I hope Brother likes it...

  3. Nice post Miss E. We are proud to call our family dysfunctional:) I hate oozing postures!