Friday, January 8, 2010

A Card From my Donor! + A Healthy New Year!

Dear Reader,

A few exciting things happened this week.

One being New Year! Yea, Boom, Ra!, Shish, Boom, Ba! I made 3 resolutions....

1. Get Healthy
2. Go to School
3. Have lots of fun

I know it doesn't sound too ambitious, but if you sat with me and let me explain what each of them means to me over 6 hours, you would start to think differently.

The second exciting thing that happened was truck-loads better than New Year, okay well maybe not because if we didn't have a New Year then that would mean the end of time came, and people probably wouldn't be too happy about that. I thought it was pretty cool though.

My donor sent me a Christmas card! It came all the way from Germany. He says he lives in a small house with his girlfriend and his 4 cats. He says that they also house other helpless animals sometimes too. He works for some big company that builds industrial buildings all over the world, so he comes to the states on occasion. He also said that it is snowing where he lives, even though it usually doesn't. He didn't mention any kids though, I guess I'm the only kid he's biologically connected to.

I was very excited to get my card and at the end it said, very politely, "If you like, I would be very glad hearing from you." So, I wrote him back right away and by night-time I was done with my letter.

I tried to express in my letter what an awesome person I am, so he would know how much the whole world appreciates what he did. I believe my exact words were, "I am totally fabulous!" but that doesn't really matter. I just wanted him to know that I really appreciate his gift and that I do not intend on wasting it.

Today was a clinic day. I had IVIG, so it was going to be a long clinic day. Agent 99 (my nurse) took my blood, and I got to see Patch shortly after. While Patch (my darling dear doctor) was visiting with me, Polly decided to come over and visit too.

I let them all read the letter I got from my donor. Agent 99 got all teary eyed, which is really strange because she would normally not do that. I think it was because my donor really seemed interested in me in the card, he wrote a lot, but he didn't write a lot about himself.

Patch asked if he had sent the card first or we did and I said he did, he's an antsy person. "Anti-person or antsy-person?" she asked. "Antsy-person. He's not anti-person at all, he's really out-going just like me." You can tell this by how you can tell he wants to know me. Then she asked if I had wrote anything back yet, and Mom told her that I was an antsy person and had written him back the very day.

While we were at clinic we gave Polly her Christmas gift and a gift for her daughter, Celine Dion. We also gave Patch a gift for her 2 little boys, they are supper-hero toothbrushes. Cool boy toys, and good for you too, if you use them properly.

I slept at clinic because I got drugged and Mom visited with some other people. It was a good day today.

Another thing that happened at clinic was the decision that I was getting considerably healthier. My next appointment isn't scheduled for another 2 WEEKS! I had been going every week at least once a week until now. This would be good except for the fact that clinic is pretty much my only social outing that I get when school is in. Nobody hangs out at Brother's soccer practices when it is this cold out.

So, to solve for the problem of my deprivation of human contact that I will have to face over the next two weeks, I plan to sneak out. I didn't ask for permission from Patch to do this, but what she doesn't know can't hurt her until I do it and tell her about it. I will let you know of my sneakings after I do them. My first one is planned for this Monday.


  1. Sounds like things are going well. Maybe you can do home work instead of sneaking out? I am so glad to read that you are getting better!

  2. YAY! YAY!YAY! Clinic in TWO WEEKS!!!
    That's a real milestone - and such good news. I'm reading this just before we begin moving patients to the new hospital, so it means a lot to start today with such a big smile. Thanks for the good news, Mary - give Diva, Tilly and Stinky a hug for me! (oh yeah, mom, Brother and Dad too!)