Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm a Dinosaur with Perfect Vision

Dear Reader,

My latest sneak-out adventure happened on Wednesday and Thursday. I snuck out twice to the same place. A really quiet, relaxing place that smells of hot freshly brewed coffee. Can you guess where I went?

That's right! I went to the eye-glass doctor! They always have fresh coffee brewing there because loads of women work there, and you know how they can get without their coffee...
Anyway, Mom had an appointment there on Wednesday to get her eyes re-checked. She needed to get new glasses because hers were all scratched up. My mom has the grace of a deaf-blind ballerina with a peg-leg.

So, since she was going to get new glasses, she thought she might as well just have her eyes checked up again. It was really pleasant in there. I followed her around and the eye-tech lady took a long time getting her prescription figured out. It was so quiet and relaxing, I really enjoyed it.

When we were done getting her eyes all checked out, Brother was ready to be collected from school. So, we left before we could pick out any new frames. I had new lens that were coming in the next day, so it didn't really matter.

I guess I forgot to tell you about my eyes. A while ago, I went to the eye doctor at my hospital. Brother had come with Mom and Me to clinic that day and by the time it was time for my eye appointment they were really hungry. So they abandoned me so they could nourish themselves. Luckily for me, Walski was there to be my temporary guardian.

Walski and I went to my eye appointment together and the eye doctor was super fast. After he had told me that I would need a prescription that was 1 number stronger, I asked if my eyes were going to keep getting worse as I got older or if they would improve once I was off all my prednisone? (I actually was more careful, but basically that same question, prednisone can effect eyes). He told me that my eyes were fine, they just need a little help to see clearly, but with glasses I can see perfectly. "You have a fantastic set of eyes. There is nothing wrong with them. The little boy before you has no optical nerve, and no matter what glasses I put on his face, it will not help him see."

Woah. That had me thinking the rest of the day. What it must be like to tell someone that their child will never know what they look like, never have a favorite color, never draw you a pretty picture, never see the mountains, or tell you what shapes the clouds are, never see anything.

I left the doctor with a prescription for new -3.50 lens, seeing things a bit more clearly with my wonderfully perfect eyes.

On Thursday, Mom and I went back to the local eye-doctor and we signed in. One of the ladies took my glasses away and I started helping Mom pick out her new pair. I basically told her what I thought she would like wearing for a long time and what I didn't think she would like too much. She had a taste a bit different from mine.
But I made sure that she still got a nice looking pair. Hers have some purple in them, and she likes purple. They also fit her head, which she was concerned about because she has a very large head.

I used to think that large head held large brains, a thought that I was sharing with Brother yesterday.

"See your dog, Brother? She has a small head. Her head is much smaller than my dog's." (Pineapple is a Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd mix, while my Piggy, is a Chocolate Lab) "My dog has a big beautiful head, made for a big brain, unlike your dog." I pointed out to Brother.

"You know Miss, a Tyrannosaurus Rex has a brain the size of a walnut, whereas a human does not." Brother replied.
"So are you saying that Piggy is the human and Pineapple is the dinosaur?" I ask, slightly stumped by this onslaught of sudden information.

"Miss E." Brother says gently as though I am a young child, "I just said that a Tyrannosaurus Rex has a smaller brain...."

I guess I was a dino for a day, but it's okay, because with my fresh T-Rex appetite I decided to bake Dad's birthday cake! He turns 53 on the 20th.
I made it from scratch. It is a triple layer fudge death-by-chocolate cake. It is really chocolately and heavy, I could only hold 4 bites. Happy birthday Dad!

Love, Miss E. (The Dinosaur)


  1. That cake looks delicious!! Good job Miss E. Glad you are enjoying your sneakiness also.
    Much love!

  2. Great post Miss E. Love the pic of Brother holding Piggy. She looks bigger than he is. I also love the picture of you in your new glasses. Are you done thinking yet?

  3. Your eyes are almost as bad as mine! 3.75 and 4.0. That cake would be good with some vanilla ice cream on top. See you Tuesday!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I'll see you today, #2 Fans!

  5. Just remember Brothers birthday, and you can't forget mine. Ohh I'm counting the days for a chocolate birthday cake. I mean, your Dad's cake looked great! I miss Piggy.

  6. Anonymous! I know who you are now! It took me a while, but I know.... You have a code-name, you don't have to be "Anonymous".