Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exciting News! + A Prayer Request

Dear Reader,

Hi! I'm so excited! I'll tell you why, but I just have a small request for you first.

Yesterday I went to a meeting at the new All Children's Hospital for a Family Advisory Council meeting. I'm the secretary. It was the first meeting at the new hospital.

The new hospital is really big and reminds me a lot of an airport, especially when you walk in.

The meeting ended at about 8:00pm. Some people left right away. We didn't, we were going to miss American Idol anyway. We live 99 miles from the hospital. Plus, I had brought a piece of chocolate cake for Big Wig and I still had to deliver it.

Big Wig is in the hospital with Iron Man. Iron Man is still very sick and doesn't have use of his legs. Big Wig is his mom. She reads my memoirs, and commented (via email) on my last post telling me how my cake "looks great". So I decided to surprise her with a piece.

I don't really like the way the new hospital is built at all on the BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) and Hematology unit. The rooms have no windows except for one little one on the door and you can't see the patient from it, and the patient can't see you. There is no nurses station, only these little "perches" so the kids that have nobody staying with them have no friends to hang out with anymore. It is not a very happy place. I hope that changes.

Mom and I stopped by the chapel on the way out and gave the new hospital our blessing. It was really important to both of us because the old hospital was the holiest place we had ever been. You could literally feel God there. It was awesome, you could feel the prayers, the peacefulness, you knew it was a place where miracles happened.

Anyway, if you could all say a prayer or something for Iron Man and Big Wig, I would appreciate, and I think they would too. Iron Man is doing a bit better than he was, but he is still really sick. The new hospital could use some prayers too, if people are going to get well in there.

Those are my requests at the time, thank you.

Today I got some really cool news that I am sooo very excited about. I will tell you!

I'm going to be in a commercial! A real commercial! AND, I didn't get selected to do it because I'm a sick kid or because I love the hospital. I got selected because I'm a terrific student and my school teachers adore me!

The commercial is for Florida Virtual School (FLVS). One of my teachers recommended me for it, and there was this big narrowing down process in which my previous teachers were contacted and asked about me. A bunch of work was done (including looking at all my grades, my teacher/student relationships, why I was taking virtual school, etc.) and then I was called. The lady interviewed me, told me that she was the one organizing everything and she was going to make sure the I got selected. Today she called me with the dates and I'm going to film on Friday the 29th!

So I just had to tell you that.

Also, I've been feeling pretty good lately. In case you were wondering.

Miss Ellaneous

P.S. Today was my dad's birthday, he's 53 years old.


  1. I will pray for your requests. I thought it was very nice of you to ask for prayers for your friend as well as the hospital. How exciting that you are in a commercial. Sounds like fun. The hospital is very blessed to have you as secretary for the Family Advisory Council. Stay well!

  2. Congratulations superstar! Praying for Big Wig and Iron Man....

  3. We will pray for Iron Man and the Hospital. Cool news on the commercial. We are glad you are feeling "pretty good" you certainly looked great at the meeting! Happy Birthday to your dad!

  4. Hey Mary! Good morning from your #2 fans. Have a great day. How awesome about the commercial! You go girl!!!