Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy Me

Dear Reader,

I apologize for not doing a post in so long. You poor deprived dears. I have been quite a busy person.

Mostly I have been busy with school. As I mentioned in my post a week ago, I am trying to get into the IB program. I'm still working on my application for it. Besides that though, I think that Rosetta Stone (my homebound teacher) is trying to test me. She seems to be getting a more, "Do your homework!" way about her. I don't mind really, but now I feel like her homework should be a higher priority than before. So, I've been trying to get all her homework done before she comes every week. That may not sound like much, but when you add that to all my other homework (the kid on the left is my biology homework, he is my offspring, I drew him all by myself), plus odd jobs, sleep, and maintaining my personal hygiene, there isn't much time left to write a fabulously fresh and spunky blog post.

Enough about school though, there are other things keeping me busy. I started a new course with Florida Virtual School. I know that is about school, but it is "Life Management" so it isn't horribly school-like. I've been busy with that too. The chapter I am in right now is concerning self-esteem. From what the course says, my self-esteem is considerably higher than what is normal. I don't really know what to do about that. I'm not going to start cutting myself and looking at the floor when I walk because I'm more awesome than I'm supposed to be.

Okay, now off of school for real. Sunday was Valentine's Day! Brother and I gave all of the dogs (minus Baby) a bath. We did the oldest dog first, followed by Clown, Stinky, Pineapple, and lastly, Piggy. By the time we got to Piggy, we were totally exhausted! However, Brother still cleaned the bathroom, and I still managed to make some Valentine's Mochochino Cupcakes.
Thank you Big Wig and Iron Man for my fantastic chef outfit! I do so enjoy dressing up.

My cupcakes were alright, but were really not much when compared to what Mom made. She made the BEST shish-kabobs. Oh! They were SPECTACULAR!
We ate these wonderful yummies on the table this year instead of the living-room floor (as is tradition) to avoid potential floor germs. We had a table cloth, candles, and wine glasses. Brother and I had sparkling grape juice in ours while Mom and Dad each had 1/2 a glass of wine cooler and 1/2 a glass of juice. My parents don't drink, except when they feel sick they might have a cup.

That was Sunday.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went to the Family Advisory Council meeting. It was alright, but the most exciting thing for me was that I got compliments from 2 different people on my blog! I didn't even know they were reading it! That just made my heart feel like it was hugging a puppy. So I thank you.

Today is Wednesday and I really should get back to school work. I have a lot to do now and I need to get that IB application done. I have to write an essay. It isn't a bad prompt, it is just a matter of how to write it. It isn't like a blog, you have to follow the rules, but I also want to give it a personality, and I have to answer the prompt. I really have to get it done though because the deadline is getting too close for comfort. So, I will write to you sometime later, dear Reader. I hope you have a great day. Happy start of Lent!

Love, Miss Ellaneous


  1. What do you mean the FAC meeting was 'alright' you got to see all of your adoring fans in one room! We love Mary!

  2. Wow, we beat your #1 Fan to post! She must be busy farming or reading all of her valentines:) Hannah and Paula say thank you for lip stuff and Mochochino Cupcake!

  3. I hope you get to work and caught up in school. I miss reading from you often and you may want some time off during spring break.

  4. Hey Lisa, I meant to mention that Hawklet too, but my mind was so much on school. Thanks for bringing him, he's just soooo cute! My #2 Fans, #1 Fan was talking to the Princess, who gets to stay up late because of her surgery:-)

  5. Miss are always!!! Love reading your writing. Glad you had a great Valentine's Day!! You will have to send me your recipe for the cupcakes!!! HUGS!!