Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prayers Please!

Dear Reader,

Just so you know, it has stopped raining here. Thank you all so much for all your messages. It was very nice of you all to send them, thank you for the advice, and for the nice comments.

I got my application essay finished and written out, it is in an envelope ready to bring to High School tomorrow. Since the post, I talk with a good friend in real life (not cyberspace), and more things were put on the table, and it helped a lot. I'm back to being my happy self now! Amazing how some people can miraculously recover from misery.

This is a very good thing because I need to be a bit brighter than usual right now so that other people will feel it. My mom had a breast ultra-sound yesterday and Moffitt called today and said that they found something abnormal, and now she has to get a biopsy.

Mom is a 2 time Ovarian cancer survivor, and the gene for Ovarian and Breast cancer are the same. My mom carries this gene. However, sometimes biopsies do read negative, so we are hoping for that. Still, I'm quite sure that she is scared, and I'm a bit scared for her.

As for me and my health, well I'm surely not the one to be worrying about. I'm doing real good right now. I went down on my Prednisone (puffy face steroid) a couple days ago to 8 & 10mg alternating daily, this is the lowest dose I have been on since I was put on the drug. So, it is a pretty big deal.

I'm already seeing some affects of the successful decrease in steroids. My blood pressure is starting to regulate so I take less blood pressure meds, and my clothes from 6th grade fit again. I'm so glad that I seem to be getting better and I think Mom is too. I don't think either of us can take being quarantined much longer.

Yesterday was Mom's appointment at Moffitt and I drove her there and back. On the way back we stopped at Kohl's to exchange some shirts and I went in (mask on of course, but still) and I got 3 awesome new shirts! I really like them, and I'm so excited about them. I'm really looking forward to picking my own clothes, even if I have to use some of my own money.

We needed gas on the way home too, so we stopped at a gas station. Mom wanted me to go in there too, but I declined. However she came back with some nachos and hot cheese and I wanted those. They were NOT low-microbial, but she let me have as many as I wanted. I took only 3, but she offered more. I think I must be a better waiter than she is. She misses shopping with me a lot, she mentions it almost every time she comes back from shopping alone or shopping with Brother (which is harder than shopping alone sometimes).

Anyway, I have to go now. I've been waking up earlier, and I am tired now. I guess I'm getting healthier. I think healthy people have bed times and schedules..... How exciting!

Please pray for my mommy. I don't know if you should pray for negative results or what, but please pray for help for her. I told her that her boobs don't look any bigger, but there is still worry. What ever the results of the biopsy are, I don't want it to hurt her, my mom.

Thank you,


  1. Your mom is being very generous with those nachos! We are very glad that it has stopped raining. Yeah the sunshine! We are hoping and praying the test results are good/negative. If anyone deserves a break it is definitely you guys!

  2. How sweet of you to ask for prayers for your mom. I know she really appreciates that. It is so very wonderful that you are doing well.