Monday, February 8, 2010

IB at Home

Dear Reader,

I know I haven't written in a long time, but nothing too exciting and new has been lately. Well, that isn't true, some very exciting things have happened to me, but they seem to only be very much exciting to me. Other people (like you, Reader) don't really find them as extremely wonderfully lovely and exciting as I do. There is something kind of exciting that happened to me today though that is kind of different that you may find a little more exciting, probably not, but maybe. I'm just going to tell you and you can decide how exciting it is later.

Firstly, the things that seem to very much excite me but not so very much excite the majority of my Readers is (of course) my darling donor. He and I have been emailing still and it continues to be very exciting for me, and earlier this week I got a package from him in the mail!

The package was a calendar from his girlfriend's animal shelter. They translated one special for me and then had it printed. They sent it to me and my Donor (I'm thinking that "Donor" would make a fitting code-name) sent a note with it telling me these things. He also said in the note that it was a "premiere" the first of its kind, and the only one ever translated. So, I thought that was really cool. If you want to see more about the animal shelter, click HERE, but it might help if you read German. If you don't, you can go to Google Translate and it can help you a little.

Other exciting things that have happened to me recently that are not having to do with Donor I will tell you now.

Brother had a meeting at the High School regarding the IB Program. Brother has decent grades, so he was invited. IB stands for the International Baccalaureate. The IB Program is an international standard curriculum. The IB Program is supposed to be the home of the 'super nerds'. After about 10 minutes into the meeting, my eyes filling with tears, I told Mom, "This is depressing. I shouldn't have come." I knew that I belonged there, and I thought that I couldn't go. You had to be a freshman to get in.

I did get an invitation last year, but I was unable to do it because of health reasons.

As the meeting continued, the question that I was surely going to ask at some point was answered. The IB Man said, "We do entertain applications for 10th and 11th graders."

Since the meeting, I have been working on my new goal to start the IB Program this coming year. I talked to all my teachers that I have presently, all of which told me to go for it, I am an excellent student, I have outstanding grades, and I would thrive in the IB Program.

I contacted the IB Man today via the phone. He seems very interested in me becoming an IB student. He says that from what he can tell I have everything in my person I need to be successful in the IB program, except for health. This I will have to acquire before this fall if I would like to do the IB program at High School in the year 2010.

I will also need a Spanish class and a Physical Education wouldn't hurt, but he seems to think that shouldn't be a big problem for me.

So, the pressure is on. I must get healthy, if you like, you could pray for this for me. To be healthy with a fully functional immune system before fall of 2010, healthy enough to participate and be successful in the IB program.

By the way while we are talking about this, the exciting news that I had for you is that I completed the first semester of my honors Geometry class. My final grade was a 97, I wanted a 98. I was told that high school is supposed to be much harder though, so I guess if my math average falls one point that isn't too awful. The most horrible part of the whole thing is that I know I could have gotten a higher grade, I could've had that 98, but I failed. That is what makes it so terrible.

That is my exciting news to share, though I still feel I didn't do a good job, I am excited that I actually finished it.

Another thing I wanted to tell you, yesterday was the SuperBowl. I was rooting for the Colts, which you probably know were the losers.

I make homemade pizza for the game. This is a picture of my sampler pizza.
I know, there is no cheese! That is actually not true. I hid the cheese, spinach, sausage, and more cheese underneath that bready goodness. It was soooo delicious. It was GREAT!

However, these were probably better....
These are my homemade Pizza-Pockets. They are stuffed full of pizza goodness, hot Mozzerella cheese that oozes in your mouth with every bite, Italian sausage that bursts with flavor, and just enough Parmesan sprinkled on top to pack a little punch of extra deliciousness every now and then. These particular Pizza-Pockets also had some spinach inside so that there was a vegetable, but you couldn't taste it.

Unfortunately, only Mom, Dad, and I got to have these wonderful treats while they were fresh from the oven. Brother was at a SuperBowl party and didn't arrive at home until after the game. When he did get home, he and I worked on the puzzle that Mom and I had been working on during the game and then we all went to bed.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the game! If you are in a country where there is no Football (with the pointy brown ball), then I hope you had a great weekend even without the "Big Game".

Love, Miss E.


  1. Miss E. your grade is excellent and you know it! Your cooking photos and the description of the food you made amkes me want to have the same thing for lunch. Yummy! I will pray that your health will continue to mend so that you can go to school in the fall of this year.

    P. S. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Polly!

  2. You got a 97 and not a 98...that is just shameful! I think I'll be having a calzone for lunch! Who needs to read German when there are so many cute dog pictures.