Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Code-Name Respect

Dear Reader,

I just have a quick note for you. Well, I hope it is quick anyway. Anyways, Mom found the cord for the camera. So, I should be posting some photos for you soon, you should see how cute I look with my new hair cut. We have all the books for it so we just have to get it done.

Today I had more energy than usual, so I was teaching Pig. I'm training her to be a therapy dog. She has "STAY" and "COME" down and mastered. I can look her in the eyes across the room and talk to her while she is staying and she will not move. She will only move when I say "COME" and give the hand command. Every command has a hand signal to go with it. I must be a pretty decent dog trainer, though Pig is a genius when food is involved. Without food, it is harder for her to keep her concentration. I'm working on "SIT", "LAY", and "GO TO BED". She seems to know what I want her to do, but she doesn't seem to really know what the words and signals mean yet. She is closest to getting the "GO TO BED" command.

The real reason I wrote was to remind people to respect the code-names and answer a few questions. Comments go to me before they are posted and if they contain information that exposes someones true identity I am forced to remove them. I really don't like removing comments, but I must, to protect the innocent. So please, do respect the code-names. You don't have to comment as "anonymous" if you don't want to, but please don't put anybody else's personal information in your comment.

Some questions that some of you have asked are, "Can I get notified by email when you post?" and "How do I leave a comment?" Believe it or not, even though I am totally new to the "blogosphere" I can answer these questions!

To the first question, YES! You can! I worked on it all morning, I nearly tore out my beautiful luscious curls over it, but I finally googled the right words and I found out how to make it so you can get an email notice when I post. Over to the right of the page there is a section titled "Subscribe to my Memoirs via Email" and there is a little rectangle underneath. To subscribe to my memoirs via email, type your email address in the rectangle and then click the "subscribe" button underneath it and follow the directions on the new window. You might have to disable a pop-up blocker, but I'm not sure.

To the second question, there is a little link at the end of each post that says (#) comments. Click on that and it takes you to a page where you can leave your comment. There is also a little place where you can check what you want to show as your name. The name thing works a little differently for different people. Some people if they want to type their name will have click "name/URL" before they can. Those people do not have to put anything in the URL rectangle. Other people will just have a place for you to type your name. If there is no place that says (#) comments then there should be a comment box right under my post. The name thing should work the same way.

I hope this answers your questions, if you have anymore or any suggestions please send them in a comment or an email. My email address is located on the right. Thank you! Your, Miss


  1. I love your blog! I like that we know some about you but that you keep us wondering at the same time.
    Love, Your Number One Fan

  2. Hi,
    I clicked on you from Meanest Mom. I wanted to wish you lots of luck on your blog!!
    Deb, MA

  3. Awaiting your next post...