Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Massage

Dear Reader,

I want to tell you about something that happened last night.

Last night, after I had taken my nightly meds, hooked up my nightly IV fluids, brushed my teeth, and got already for bed, I went to my parent's room to watch "CSI: Miami" with them.

Watching CSI has kind of been a family tradition for us for a while now. It is on Monday night at 10. Mom and Dad used to watch it together, it was kind of their thing. So, when I was at the hospital on Monday nights, Mom used to watch it. I think it was her way of kind of remembering Dad, plus it was the only show she really watched. So, after a bit I started watching it too. Then when we would be home and Mom, Dad, and I would stay up and watch TV 'til 11 and Brother would watch too. Why should he have to go to sleep when everyone else is up? Eventually, it kind of became our weekly family thing.

So last night was "CSI: Miami" night. Brother couldn't watch it with us because he had saved his homework until the last minute and was up late building a teepee for his project on the Sioux Indians. So, Mom, Dad, Baby, Piggy, my pole, and I watched the show without him.

Dad had been complaining about his lower back area during every commercial break. I tried to look up the name of the muscle, and it seems that it was the lower part of his Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) muscle on his left side that was bothering him, the very top of his left buttock. So he was telling Mom that it was sore. Mom is a licenced Occupational Therapist and Dad is a licenced Physical Therapist. Dad was debating whether or not he wanted it massaged, and I didn't really listen too much to the rest. I was too busy watching the handsome new CSI agent.

After the show, the news came on. I was in no hurry to leave as I was attached to my pole and kind of like to procrastinate travel when I have to carry the pole with me. It doesn't have wheels, it only has this little stick legs to prop it up, and it is a pull out pole. So sometimes it gets too loose and shortens itself about a foot all of a sudden and crushes my fingers. Other times it's feet catch on things and make me rebound on myself. And then there is the IV line problem. Sometimes it is fine, other times I step on it, it catches on things, twists it self around the pole or me (I have woken up with my arms tied to my sides before). Travel with IVs is not the most pleasant thing to do.

I turn to look at Mom and Dad, and Dad is on his belly. He has the bottom corner of his shirt up so the lower left part of his back is showing. I'm so glad my dad doesn't have a hairy back. I'm thinking Mom is going to massage Dad's back. That's fine by me, I know about that from my massage therapist! So, I say to Mom, "Oooo! You are going to give Dad a massage! I'll teach you how Rubber does it." (Rubber is my massage therapist when I'm at the hospital)

So, then Mom says, "Are you sure you want to stay? It's his butt."

"Oh! Ewww! I don't wanna see his butt!"

"Okay then. You better leave."

I'm already out the door, "Good night! I love you!" I have my hand on the handle now, "Piggy come 'ere, 's time for bed." That's it. Me and Piggy were off to bed, when I spy with my little eye, Brother! He was in the exercise/computer room printing a sign for his Sioux project. Little sparks go off in my brain at the sight of him.

"Brother! Mom is massaging Dad's butt!"

"What?! Ugh! No way!"

"Yeah way!"

"No way! I don't believe you, you are lying!"

I'm having fits of laughter and giggles now. "No! I. she is!"

"Nuh Uh. You. Your sick!"

I was still walking to my room this whole time, and still laughing but manage to say between my laughter, " Yeah! Good night, I love you!"

So, I get to my room and open the door when I hear Brother yell, "Oh! Ewww! You guys! Ugh! That's Gross! Uggghhhh!!! Lock the door next time!"

After that I hear a door shut I look towards the noise and there is Brother right in front of me shoving his cell phone in my face (I wonder how he travels so fast, it must be because he has no pole). Then Brother says, "Missy!! You have to see this video!"

Oh, the joys of having a little brother.
~Miss E.


  1. Did your brother show that video around school? Watch out some day all the things you do will come back to haunt you, believe me, I know!

  2. I've made sure my son's phone is a really old one that doesn't have a camera or video option on it :)