Monday, September 21, 2009

My First Haircut and Piggy's Progress

Dear Reader,

I really wanted to do a post today. It is really late, 9:57pm this moment, but I think I have enough time.

I got home from the hospital yesterday. As you can see in my previous post I was in for a fever. The doctors never did find out why I was having my scheduled fevers, but they are guessing that I am allergic to an antibiotic. I get this antibiotic every 12 hours, so it makes sense. Mom was actually the first one to think of it. She is so smart sometimes, or maybe her moments are just so much more glorified because of how she is all the rest of the time. Either way, I think she is right about her antibiotic hypothesis.

Today I got my first real haircut in 5 years! I haven't needed one because I had been on chemotherapy for so long. You can't cut a bald person's hair, not their head hair anyway. Violet, our friend and my new hair lady who has purple in her hair, actually wet my hair and everything. She used a comb, scissors, and a water from a spray bottle. It was a real hair cut! I got it done right in my own house. I can't go to public places because of evil germ-mans. Those germ-mans will kill me, so I only really go to the clinic, the hospital, my own house, and the van. Anyway, I look so cute now! I have bangs, and my curls are just adorable. They only got a little trim, I didn't want to loose any. I will post a picture as soon as my mom finds the cable for the camera. She is still on the hunt.

Speaking of my mom, she is addicted to FarmVille on FaceBook. She is on level 21. She also keeps talking about this halo that she has on her head. It is her collection of hair fuzzes. Her hair is really growing in now that she is done with her chemo. She's had ovarian cancer twice. Its a stage 3. She seems to be doing very well right now even though not many people with her diagnosis (4%) live beyond 5 years after their first diagnosis. I think she is already at 4 years. I just checked on her and she's doing tatting, so she isn't dead yet. She is a mold breaker.

I usually go to clinic today, but my appointment was rescheduled for Thursday. So, I'm looking forward to my social outing of the week. I'm already missing people. The hospital was so full of them. I'm so glad that Violet came over to do my hair, it is one more different person that I get to see. In the mean time I will be working on my virtual school work. I got some Geometry and Biology turned in today. My home bound teacher might get to come before then. That would be great because then I could start home bound school. I haven't been able to start yet this year because I've been in the hospital too much. I've only been able to do virtual school so far, and I only take Honors Biology, Honors Geometry, and Driver's Ed in virtual school.

I think that is about all that has been happening around here. I don't think anything new is happening with Brother or Dad. However before I sign off I want to tell you some very good news about Pig. My dog, Piggy, is a chocolate lab. She is two and a half years old and has been struggling with her weight for about 20 months. She was severely obese, not being very tall and weighing over 100lbs. She was like a mighty furry barrel with legs and a tail. She has been on a strict diet lately and I would like to share some wonderful news with you. My dog can lick her own butt! She can do this all by herself with no help! Hooray for Piggy!

I hope you all have a great day!
Please leave me a message. Maybe you know someone who is struggling with their weight? Are they doing as well as my Piggy? Can they lick their own butt? Let me know!

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