Sunday, November 8, 2009

#1 Fan Hacks in....

Hello Readers,

This is Miss E's #1 Fan writing on her blog. Yes, I was able to hack into Miss E.'s blog. As you know by now I watch her very closely and I witnessed the kind and generous act of the number two Fans. I thought I might have competition at first glance but they are just so loving to Miss E. that I don't feel threatened in my #1 spot.

But today was a whole new story...

As I was keeping my ever vigilant eyes on Miss E. I met an older gentleman in the corridor out side her room. He was just like a "peeking Tom". I saw him attempting to gaze through her hospital room windows. I just had to intercede on her behalf. He told me he was looking for Miss E's mother. He claimed to be Dr. Gallant, a plastic surgeon. What was he doing outside her window? I know everything about Miss E, I am her #1 Fan and she does not need plastic surgery. She is nearly perfect in every way, how could this man think his services would be needed by Miss E.? He had a different story, but first you need to know a little about me.

I have been Miss E's #1 Fan all her life. I know about as much as God does about that child, well maybe not quite that much but as much as one human can know about another. I remember her day of birth; she can out screaming at the world even though she was a C-section. I remember her crying for hours every night of her young infancy; she was allergic to milk and the doctor did not diagnose it until she was over four months old. I remember she had a blocked tear duct and woke up every day until she was one year old with one eye practically glued shut. I remember her growing and at two and three she was not able to sleep at night if she thought she had hurt some one's feelings during the day. I remember her helping her brother and playing with him and they being great friends that has lasted even to this day. I remember her having moments of terrible pain and still being able to thank those who treated her gently. She thanks all those who care for her kindly, even if they need to do a painful procedure. I also remember her battles when life passed her difficult situations, another cancer, another virus, another infection, another problem, year after year and how she has always let experiences build her character and make her a better person. I remember her saying her biggest goal in life would be to save a human life. I see her on a day to day basis giving what she can to others, sharing her joys and personal sorrows. She is a very funny person who can make nearly anyone laugh. Even as her #1 Fan, we are best friends, we respect and admire each other and we challenge each other to become better people. I would do any thing for Miss E. But there is some thing I cannot do for her or anyone else and that is what Dr. Gallant did for Miss E. and for Miss E's precious mother.

Dr. Gallant saw Miss E. and her beautiful family at the All Children's Hospital telethon this year and was deeply touched by their story. He told Miss E. that she was his hero. She confronts all that life gives and handles it with beauty and grace, she becomes better through what looks like trauma. What Dr. Gallant does for people physically with plastic surgery, Miss E. did with difficult life situations. She is a hero! He wrote her and her mom a song, a truly beautiful song that made all three of them cry. I was personally touched when I saw the older Dr. Gallant put his worn and wrinkled hand over Miss E's soft and silky hand as she lay in her hospital bed, lean over to be closer to her face, his grey hair glistening in the light and contrasting to the young and beautiful Miss E's brown and shiny hair. Then gently whispering, "You are my hero." As he explained why the sincerity touched every heart in the room. As he hugged them good bye and walked out the door, it was obvious he had become their hero and touched their hearts forever.

I am so sorry to you, Miss E. fellow fans, that I do not know how to make that song play on this blog, but I will try to find out so that some time in the future you can hear it personally. I will tell you that I have heard it as Miss E. and her mother have played it many times this very day. It is about how mothers, nurses, doctors, families and others all work together day and night on constant vigil to keep their children and patients alive. This is compared to fighting a war, as it is a type of war. And the battle ground is All Children's Hospital, the "Home of the Brave." Yes, the "Home of the Brave" is the name of the song for heroes like Miss E. and her mom and the many families and individuals that fight daily, hourly and every moment to save the lives of others.

May God bless Miss E. and Dr. Gallant and us all.

Thanks you for reading my post.

Sincerely, Miss E's #1 Fan

P. S. I would love to read your comments.


  1. That song must be a tear jerker! Can't wait to hear it. I love the "Home of the Brave". It is perfect!

  2. What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to hear the song one day.

  3. Ah! You sneaky little fan you! Don't make me get a restraining order against you!