Saturday, November 7, 2009

My #2 Fans Big Birthday Gift and Mom's Special Buddy

Dear Reader,

I'm still in the hospital, but I really want to tell you about this really cool thing that happened to me.

I got a super special visit from a couple of my #2 fans! It was AWESOME! See, our original plan for Friday was for me to go to clinic and then go to the family centered care meeting over at the hospital, but since I was in the hospital and not really feeling extremely Missy-ish I didn't go.

Well my friend, Mother Goose, was planning on going to the family centered care meeting too, but before Mother Goose went to the meeting, she came to visit me and brought a super duper extra special something with her too! It was the Swain Princess!!!

How exciting to see them both! When the Swain Princess came in I was so surprised because I hadn't seen her in the window (she's not a very tall person yet), they just opened the door and there she was! She had a mask on, but I could tell she had this HUGE smile on her face. Dressed as a princess in a pretty dress, and shiny sandals, and a sparkly bracelet, she had a gift too, which she quickly pointed out to me saying, "Hi Miss E! We got you a birthday gift!"

"You did?!"

"Yeah! Here it is! It's a great gift! You're gonna love it!"

The Princess really excited about this gift and gifts it to me with both hands and then stands there and watches me. Mom was getting out her camera to take a picture of something. The Swain Princess remained looking right at me and my gift (which I been placed in front of me on my bed) with these giant blue eyes.

Oh No. I'm going to have to open this gift right now in front of the Swain Princess and Mother Goose and pretend to like what ever it is it while Mom takes a picture of me so she can laugh at me later. Great! I mean I know I'm supposed to be so thankful when people get me gifts but some "gifts" lives would just be better without. And what a 6 year old first grader thinks I'm "gonna love" isn't usually something I'm gonna love, but I must remember this is the Swain Princess we are talking about. Princesses always think about their people first.

"Should I open it now or should I wait for my birthday?" I asked smiling, not particularly to anyone though it was hard to look away from the oogling Princess.

"You should open it now! It's a great gift!"

"It is?"

"Yeah! You're gonna love it, my mom has one."

This is more reassuring, though there was still about 20% of me fighting really hard telling me to be ready for the worst and to just smile no matter what. The other 80% was totally trusting of the Swain Princess and her mother, and why wouldn't that 80% be? My #2 fans have never let me down before...


I started with the cards, there were two cards. The first was from the Swain Princess herself. It said, "To" Miss "you are a star and you are sooo brave"then is had this really big "LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEE" and then a royal signature. Awesome! My other card had "Forever your friends!" written in it and then the names of all my #2 fans. I pointed out to Mother Goose that the Swain Princess had written a lot more than her in her card and I moved on to my gift.

The Princess was bouncing up and down by now. So I open the gift and there is a box addressed to Mother Goose, and in that box there is another box, and on the side of that box there is a silvery apple with a bite missing, and next to that apple there are the words "iPod touch."

"WOW! You were right! This is a great gift!" I say as I open this gift with a genuine smile and a flash of the camera. "It's inscribed," says Mother Goose.

I can't really remember what else I said because I was really excited too. The Princess and I were both really excited. I knew I said some stuff about Brother and, "good he can't have it then" and "broke his wrestling". I was having a difficult time getting it out of the case thingy.

Then CatWoman came in! She had a card too, it was a get well card from her and my god-felines. She quickly made it clear that she didn't expect me to get very hyped up over her card after my #2 fans gifts, but I really liked her card anyway. I had to laugh at the input from my god-kitty's, and the Princess had to know why I laughed, so I told her that my god-cats "are concerned for me and want me to get plenty of rest and get better". I don't think the Princess thought it was funny enough to laugh about but did the politically correct thing and said, "Oh, okay."

CatWoman left pretty quick. She is always so busy.. Anyway, I got the iPod out and my inscription was on the back. It said, "Happy 15th Birthday! From Your #2 Fans!"

By then it was time for Mother Goose and Mom to leave for the meeting. They left the Swain Princess with me to babysit me. They didn't tell me I was going to be babysat, but that is what happened. It was fine by me though because the Princess was a great babysitter!

She talked the whole time. She was just so cute! She showed me all the games that she had for her Nintendo DS and gave me the low-down on them, "These are mine, these ones I stole from my brother." When my nurse came in to fix a beep she seemed interested in who she was, so I said, "This is my nurse ...." and then to my nurse I said, "and this is my friend ...." and then the Princess said, "Yeah were great friends! We know each other real well!" And I just thought that was so sweet and adorable!!!

When Mom came back with Mother Goose we all visited for a while longer. The Princess really didn't want to leave, but they still had to visit Hawkman and get the Silly Goose from school, so they had to go. When the Princess was leaving she said, "Bye! I'm really going to miss you." Now, I don't usually say, "I'm going to miss you." when saying good bye to people because honestly I don't really miss people enough to justify that, it is really something special to be genuinely missed.

I mean people say, "I missed you!" a lot but they are lying. I mean people haven't seen me in 2 or 3 years or talked to me since 1st grade and they re-meet me and say "I missed you so much!" And I think, "You are such a liar! How can you say "I missed you so much" when you don't even attempt to contact me for 2 years! In fact the only reason you are talking to me now is because of some friend suggestion ad that came up on the side of your Facebook page right? I don't even want to talk to you anymore because you are such a liar! You disgust me with your dishonesty! Why don't you just slap me? You *$@#&+!!!"

But looking at the Princess and hearing her, "really going to miss you" and her sweet face and the way she said it, I knew she was being genuine, and I knew I was going to miss her too and so I did say, "Bye. I'm going to miss you too." And you know what? I do miss her.

So that was Friday! By the end of that day, I was back to feeling awful! Then today I woke up at noon and I still wasn't feeling so great, but then I started feeling better, and now I feel pretty good.

Mom spent almost a lot of today today in Hawkman's room. She and him are special "buddies" now. Mom is sure of this because she got the special "buddy sign" from him. She is using Bop-Its and promises of Star Wars Legos to help boost their relationship, in my eyes Hawkman is defenseless against buddy-ism. The poor dear.

Its all good though because the more Hawkman likes Mom the more he seems to like me, which is fine because I already liked him and HawkMom a lot so we might be leveling out now. He drew a picture for me and my mom today. It is really pretty. There is a big rainbow in a blue sky, a big green hill with flowers growing out of it, and me and my mom running down the hill. He drew Mom tall and thin with long blonde hair, so Mom is pretty pleased about that.

So as you can see, it has been improving here. We are hoping to go home on Monday and we should be bringing my aunt and uncle home with us for my birthday on Tuesday. So next time I write it should be really long and full of the exciting tales of the life of Miss Ellaneous.

Until next time,
Miss E.


  1. Miss E. You are one special person. And I know this is your blog and all, but I just have to tell how special I think your mom is too. I hate that we had to be two floors away this week, because it could have been a great party. Bop it's, I Touch's and pee contests. I really think God placed your family in my life. I don't know how else to say it. And I am not lying. ;-)

    XO- Hawkmom

    ps/ Swain Princess is sooooo cute I agree!

  2. Hello Miss E., I love Hawkmom's comments. She sounds like a very wise woman! As you know I have been keeping a close eye on you and I too noticed how nice it was for you and your mom to have Hawkman and his mom at the hospital with you. It sounds like you have had a memorable experience at the hospital this stay. I know your birthday this week will be special as well. Have a happy birthday on Tuesday! And a special thanks to your #2 Fans for their thoughtfulness. God Bless us all!
    Love, Your #1 Fan

  3. Miss E you gave the day play by play!! By the way the Bucs won! Yes you read correctly....THEY WON!!
    Swain Princess was really impressed on how you detailed the day. Oh for the record.....we were just coming to see you. I found out about the meeting later. It was all about you my friend! I am sooooo (as Swain Princess would say) glad I was in that meeting. I could do meetings up there like that all the time. They get you so motivated and inspired. All Children's is such a special place for all of us. Like you didn't know that already! LOL
    Today Swain Princess had a lot going on. We went to church with her "boyfriends" family. It was my friend that ran the marathon in Swain Princess' honor a few weeks ago. Anyway she raised her hand in front of everyone when asking for people to pray for and she said YOU!! Full name! So is so adorable. Everyone looked and did the awww shoulder/smile. She rocks! Next was Sunday School. My friend teaches so I get to run to Wholefoods for that hour. We met up at Starbucks (outside of course). We went to their house for lunch and then off to a birthday party together!! Ponies and a petting zoo party. This was the first time, in a long time, she got to do something like this. Needless to say she had a BLAST!!
    We are so glad you love your gift. You so deserve the best of everything. We may have inscribed the back of your Ipod Touch.....however, you have inscribed our heart for ever!! Hope your so outta there a sap! (get it?) Enjoy apps on your new toy and password it from Rio. :) Totally kidding!!

    Love, Your #2 Fans