Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Reader,

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

Mom and I are home right now. Well actually she's visiting FarmVille, but her physical being is in our house. Miracle on 34th Street is on the TV. All the girls are sleeping with tummies full of their Thanksgiving feast. It has been a good day.

Dad, Brother are at the group Thanksgiving party with Gorilla (my cousin who let me drive his brand new car my first time ever on the road) and Jupiter. Jupiter will be spending the night tonight, tomorrow night, and probably the next night too. The group party is at my cousins' house this year.

If you read my carepage, you already know a bit about my cousins Sleeping Beauty and my other cousin that I had code-named Judge. I'm thinking about changing Judge's code-name though, I don't think she liked it very much. I could name her Bossy Lady, she used to be really bossy when we were little, but I was bossy too, so that wouldn't work.... Well, we'll see. They are both coming over tomorrow to spend the night.

Jupiter is 5'11'' tall and Gorilla is 6'2'' tall, so they probably look really funny over at the party amongst our Asian group. I know all those Philippinos are loving having them there though. They both can really eat, and they all love to watch people eat. I think it is something about growing up in a country where everyone is starving, they just really enjoy feeding people.

Tomorrow is planned to be a very fun day here. Brother and I are each having two friends over and then we are having sleep-overs. Brother is going to have Jupiter and a friend who is a girl who is code-name-less at present. Hopefully she will earn one tomorrow. I'm going to have Sleeping Beauty over and her sister who used to be known as Judge, who may be receiving a different code-name. I'm going to talk to her about it tomorrow. I just have a super hard time picking one for her because I've known her for so long, and she's family. Picking code-names is hard, but it always seems a bit harder for family. I think it is because you know the pretty and the ugly sides of your family and you want to pick a code-name that they deserve.

The plan is to have a cookout for dinner. Mom bought some brut-worst and other cook-out items. It's been pretty rainy though, so it might not go exactly as planned. After that we are having a sleep-over. Brother's girl friend is going to come to my sleep-over, not his. Brother and Jupiter are going to be having their campout outside, and the girls are having a camp-in. Brothers friend that is a girl doesn't seem to like me all that much, but I think she's just a bit more socially caterpillarish than I am. Well probably be friends by morning, but even if we aren't it will be okay because she and Sleeping Beauty are okay friends.

So I'm all excited about tomorrow! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving today!
Love, Miss E.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! God Bless and enjoy the weekend.

  2. You guys must have huge farms! I always get updates. I might start a FB account for Princess so she can join in too. Have fun in the fields! Hope you have a great weekend!