Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 15th Birthday!

Dear Reader,

It looks like my #1 Fan hacked onto my page. I've been wondering why she's been acting so suspicious lately. I guess I'll have to change my password, though I'm glad she was able to tell you about the song that Dr. Gallant wrote, what a nice thing that was!

Anyway, things have been AWESOME here! I got home on the 9th, one day before my birthday, with Aunt Snap and Uncle BM. We didn't do too much that day except get ready for the next day, my birthday.

I woke up on November 10th, 2009 at around 9:30am. Uncle BM and Aunt Snap were already awake and getting ready to go with Mom and me to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my learner's permit. We arrived there at about 11.

We were the only people there at first. I got to see one of the ladies (if you want to call them that) behind the counter right away. She had me take an eye exam and I could barely see the letters that I needed to see. I had my glasses on and everything, but I guess my prescription needs to be updated. I nearly failed it, I think I would have if the lady didn't want me not to so bad. She may not have been the most polite of people, but she did want me to get my permit.

After the eye exam she had me stand in front of a blue backdrop and the second I got there she snapped my picture, I asked if I could please smile, and luckily she let me take it again with a smile on my face. Then, I went to take the "written" test which was actually on a touch-screen computer. I didn't do so hot on the first part, I didn't even know what a tow-bar was let alone how long it is allowed to be, I choose 5 feet and apparently I was wrong.

I passed anyway though! Yeah! How fabulous I am! A 15 year old with a permit to drive!
I was very excited, and I think that everyone with me was too. Aunt Snap was doing her thing and snapping lots of pictures to remember the day. When I got home I snapped a picture too with my cell phone and sent it to a few friends. I made sure to send it to my cousin in Indiana, who is 20 days my senior, who can't get their permit until they are 15 and 6 months by Indiana law. I thought he might appreciate how beautiful it was:-)

Mom did not let me drive out of the DMV parking lot, it was busy because it was lunch time. Oh well. She dropped Aunt Snap and I off at home and left to get Brother from school. Uncle BM was sent to Publix to get "the guy cake" and some garlic bread.

Pretty much everyone came back at the same time, being Mom, Brother, Uncle BM, and my party guests - Polly, Celine Dion, and Gorilla. Everyone admired my permit (except 2 year old Celine Dion who wasn't interested) and got settled in. Then somebody suggested that someone take me driving and Gorilla jumped up and said "Let's go."

WOW! What a cousin Gorilla is! He had just bought a brand new Chevrolet Malibu and it wasn't even a week old yet and he's taking me driving my very first time ever! WOW! That was just too cool!

It was strange driving a car, but very nice. I had to adjust everything because Gorilla is 13 or 14 inches taller than me. We didn't go out on a main road just out and around a loop, but it was my first time ever so it was still a big deal.

We partied until 4:30; it was so nice and fun to have people over. Aunt Snap snapped plenty of pictures to remember it all. It was just an awesome day.

After everyone left, my aunt Fanny came, she had got me a charm for my charm bracelet for my birthday. We couldn't find my charm bracelet, but we think it is at the jewelers. I sure hope it is there, we've had a lot of jewelry go missing in the past couple years. She took me driving too! Brother, Mom and Baby were in the backseat. We went out on HWY 44 and it was raining! What fun that was!

As soon as we got back inside the door bell rang and Rosetta Stone was there. She dropped off her gift and left, she would not take me driving. In fact she laughed when I suggested it. Oh well. She got me a book that I had been wanting that I'm not going to let myself read until I get more homework done.

I still had one gift that I hadn't opened yet, a FedEx box from St. Nicolette. It was pretty big and I had a feeling it was special, when I opened it up I was all too right. It was super special. Inside the FedEx box, there was another box, and it was wrapped. There was a card too that said that the gift was from St. Nicolette and Father Mac. When we unwrapped the gift we came across a box which read 13" MacBook Pro. Of course I had to open this box to see what was really inside it, and it hadn't been lying to me, there really was a 13" MacBook Pro in that box!!! WOW! This was just too much awesome!

I just couldn't believe it! I was just so excited. What an awesome birthday. I told my mom later, "I had a great birthday." She said, "Did you get everything you wanted?" and I told her, "I got everything I wanted and even the things I didn't let myself think about wanting because I knew I'd never get them."

It was an totally fabulous extremely awesome extra spectacular day!
The 15 Year Old Miss E.


  1. You could be the most conscientious of drivers and I would still be way too nervous to allow you to drive my car. I don't think anyone else has ever driven my don't think I'm leaving you out. I'm just highly paranoid.

  2. What an awesome day! Love the picture!
    P.S. You can't drive our cars either.

  3. My dear Miss E.,

    You can't drive my car either because I don't even have a car. Glad your birthday was the best!

    Love, Your #1 Fan

  4. Happy Birthday!
    You'll have to change your "About Me" blurb now :)