Monday, November 2, 2009

Just an Update and Prayer Request

Dear Reader,

It has been a long time since I last wrote. Sorry to disappoint you but I probably will be keeping the long gaps in my writing until after the holidays. Things are much more exciting this time of year, meaning I have stuff to do and people to watch. So, hopefully, if all goes well, I will be so busy doing things and having fun that I won't have time to blog!

Last time I wrote it was to remind you to listen to me on the radio. It was really fun doing the radiothon this year. I always have fun doing things like that. I decided to go green for Halloween and I went to the radiothon in my costume. I think probably 38% of the people didn't know who I was and didn't realize that I was in costume, they just looked at me really strange and then looked away super fast. The other 62% of the people that saw me in passing at the hospital seemed to know who I was and said things like, "Great costume, Mary!" and "Love the hair!"

There is a video that you can find me in HERE. Remember I went green!

On Halloween, Brother went trick-or-treating with Angler and a few other friends. Brother and Angler were soccer players. Brother spent the night at Angler's house because they had a soccer game early the next morning in Tampa.

While Brother was out being a soccer player, I baked cookies. I make chocolate chip cookies from scratch and after that Mom and I had a little party with Norman Bates. Psycho was a really cute movie. My favorite parts were when the private investigator fell down the stairs and at the end when the fly was there and Norman's mother was saying how she would never even hurt a fly.

Brother actually won his soccer game on Sunday 2 - 0. He scored both of the goals too because apparently "He's a beast." Mom and Dad didn't get to go watch him because it was too early and too far away and Dad wanted to get his car blessed and go to church and they didn't have time to do both. Brother's next game is at home though, and we are all planning to go and watch him at that one.

My birthday is getting very close! In only 7 days and 2 hours I will be 15 years old! Mom and I are getting super excited because we are actually planning a party. If everyone who is invited comes then it will be my biggest get-together in over 2 years! My aunt and uncle are flying in, Gorilla (my cousin) is supposed to come, Polly (my umm, my Polly) is coming with her family, and we are inviting the group. Mom also invited Brother's Foxes while she was at church and we are also hoping to invite the super ancient people that live across the street so that they won't have to cook! I'm getting very excited!

So that is about all that has happened lately! I ordered myself a Dulce de Leche cheesecake birthday cake from The Cheesecake Factory on-line with Mom's credit card and it is supposed to come this Thursday. I also included a note but I forgot exactly what it says, I'll post what it says later when it comes. Friday I have a family centered care meeting at the hospital and I also have a clinic appointment the same day. I'm really excited about that. I'll probably be the youngest person at the meeting and this is a great networking opportunity for me. I really enjoy networking!

So, I'll let you know if anything very exciting happens. If I don't write in a long time, it is probably because I am busy being busy and having fun!

Thanks for reading!
Miss E.

P.P. Please pray for my friend, Hawkman. He is sick in the hospital right now and his uncle's wedding is this weekend. I don't want him to be too sick to go. Thank you.


  1. I looove psycho! If you ladies get a chance you should also catch 'Rear Window'. The other half of the pie and I saw last year around halloween as well :)

    Happy early b-day Miss E! I'm sure it will be full of surprises!!

    Also, your friend will be in our thoughts <3

    -Codenameless Pie

  2. you are the best. XO

    Hawkman's mom

  3. You sound like you are enjoying life so much right now. I can hardly wait for the coming days as you will have so much fun and excitement turning 15.

    Love, Your #1 Fan

  4. Nice Hair! You know one of the worlds best soccer players is named Kaka. What do you think about that code name? I think we are going to be at the hospital on Friday too. We will look for you.

  5. Loved your hair for the radiothon. I have never seen pshyco, us a slasher horror movie? You are one of the nicest people i know, you are always looking out for others.