Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm the top Dog!

Dear Reader,

I know its been super long since I last wrote. I'm sorry about that. I have lots to tell you.

Firstly, I didn't exactly get to have a sleepover on Friday. Judge had a fever and since Sleeping Beauty was exposed, she couldn't come either. It was okay though because my other cousins, who are also my neighbors came, and Brother shared his friends with me. So there were 5 kids, plus Brother and me and the fire/campout.

Our neighbors had to leave pretty early on because they had a big day the next day (one of them was turning 16), but we had a great time with them whi
le they were visiting.

Jupiter, Brother and Brother's friend who's a girl and I watched Taken. It was over at like 1:30 in the morning.
I didn't get to talk to the girl very much because we were both so very tired by the time we finally got to bed. So, unfortunately for her, she does not get a code-name.

The next day, Brothers friends (in the picture on the left, Brother is in the middle with friends on either side) all went home at around noonish. That is what happened Friday and Saturday. Now I'm going to fly through the week so you can get to the recent exciting events that have been happening in my life.

Yesterday I went to clinic. I had to go early because we were changing the dressing on my mid-line and we thought it looked a little red around the site. Of course, paranoid Patch had to take a look at it. So we made an appointment to go tomorrow, which turned out to be today's yesterday.
It didn't look bad enough for her to be very concerned, and I figured that she just missed me. I got IVIG and Agent 99 drew my blood. My creatinine was 2.4, so it had gone up. It still wasn't very high for me though, and I hadn't done any IV fluids the night before. So, the plan is to go today with no IV fluids, drink a lot, and get my blood work done at the local lab tomorrow. If the creatinine has gone up, resume the fluids, if it has gone down, I get to discontinue the fluids. It will be my first time since transplant that I've really been without fluids. It would be a BIG DEAL if it gets to happen.

If my creatinine is good tomorrow, Mom and I will remove my mid-line by ourselves. This line goes 20cm long in my arm, so it will take a while to pull out and should be quite a site to see. Combine that with all the bleeding I will do because of my low platelets and it will a great show!

And speaking of great shows, my dog video is done! It is awesome too! I'm the voice of Resi, the therapy dog, in the hospital's moving day video. You can watch it if you like, right HERE. Remember, CatWoman was behind the production of this video, so she snuck a couple cats in it. See if you can find them.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and will have a great Christmas!
Miss E.

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  1. Loved the video! You make a great dog. Good luck with the creatinine counts!