Monday, December 28, 2009

The Indiana Surprise! (Part 2)

Dear Reader,

I know it is taking me a while to post "Part 2" but it is Christmas time and I have been very busy. So, I'm going to continue my time traveling and post "Part 2" of my trip to Indiana now.

If you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE.

We left off my trip last Saturday, the 19th. Everyone except for me and my dad was at the family Christmas party. Dad and I decided to watch a rather stupid movie called, "The Spirit". It is Dad's kind of movie. I was getting very hungry. I hadn't been eating very much during the trip because I was still on the low-microbial diet. So, Dad and I started to make Mung Bean.

I was starvingly hungry when Mom called and said to "Get Ready!" Her and Grannee were on their way back from the party to take us to see Christmas lights. When they got to the house, I grabbed a banana and some water and got in the van. We went to Puluski to see the lights, I sat in the back of Grannee's van with my cousin. She is my only Young Cousin, so that is her code-name. The Young Cousin (who is 10 years old by the way, to be 11 on Jan. 20) was going to spend the night at Grannee's house that night.

The lights were great, but I was glad to get back to the Mung Bean. I downed 3 bowls of the stuff and it was good!

When I was done eating Mung Bean, me and my Young Cousin went outside with Piggy to play in the snow. It was the perfect snow, a "Southern Snow" as my Grannee called it. We made a snowman, I have a picture, but I was unable to download it. This is a major bummer, because that picture was supposed to be the substance of my Part 2 post. Playing in the snow was really great and very fun, snow is really very fascinating.

Piggy loved playing in the snow. She ran around and hopped in it, she tried to catch snowballs in her mouth. She even licked it. Her tennis ball quickly got coated in ice and was extremely slippery and she was unable to hold it in her mouth without it moving, this she found very frustrating and exciting and only made her chase it more.

We both loved the snow that night.

The next morning was Sunday. I got up at around 10. I was instructed to stay in my pajamas and "act sick." My Grannee's Preacher was supposed to come over after church and pray for me. I would be allowed to get dressed when he left.

The Proud Man and The Young Uncle (the Young Cousin's dad) came over and helped us wait for the Preacher Man. We waited and waited for the guy. I showed my uncles my driver's permit and my debit card from my checking account (that I opened myself with my money). Mom got out pictures from my birthday party to show my uncles and my cousin. They hadn't seen Uncle BM or Cousin Gorilla for a long while so they enjoyed the pictures. There were also some pictures of Polly and Celine Dion in there because they came to my party too.

By the way, Polly, my Young Uncle thinks your a hottie and was wondering if you were single. He's a divorcee.
Sorry. I know he's cute, but Grannee told him that you were married to a big huge strong firefighter who could snap him in two if he wanted. However, Mom was quick to mention that you had a single sister.

I'm not really sure what time church was over, but when the clock turned 1 and we were all thinking, "Well, I guess he's not coming." or "Must have changed his mind." I was allowed to get dressed.

We were going to leave that day. We got ready and packed and then all went over to the Proud House to spend our last couple hours watching football and eating things. The Proud Woman gave me my birthday gift and we were all hanging out and just enjoying each other's company, when the Preacher walked in........

"End of Part 2"


  1. You have a very cute Young Uncle. I hope Polly notices for her sister's sake. Don't take so long with the rest of the story, please. You sure have a beautiful family!

  2. Your leaving us hanging? Wow, your getting good with the suspense! We are very excited that you got to take this trip. We'll be waiting for more...

  3. So when did this become Miss E's match-making service?? BYW, Donny thanks your Grannee!