Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clinic Update and Dad's Wreck

Dear Reader,

I feel like I've been quite the busy bee since I've last written!

Thursday was a clinic day. Mom and I got up early and left long before we needed to. We did this so we could sneak into the Target during the morning hours when nobody would be there. There is no Target near where we live but there are a few on the way to clinic. We were going to buy shelves for my room.

Sneaking into the Target was a lot more fun than sneaking into the Lowes! The Target has a lot of cute clothes, a whole lot! It is also decorated for Halloween, plus there was a Starbucks and the place smelled of coffee. There was hardly anyone there.

We went to get my shelves first and they had lots of cute storage stuff. It was awesome, we got my shelves and some colorful bins to go in them. We looked at other stuff and it was just so fun! It was like going to an amusement park except quieter with air conditioning.

After we looked at the shelves we looked at the women's clothes. They had lots of really cute stuff that I liked. I wanted to buy it until I saw the price, practically $18 for a shirt! Holy Moly! No way I was paying for that! The shirt is cute, but it's just clothes, and once my money is spent it is gone forever. I'm saving that money for something better. If I need clothes I'll shop at a thrift store, or a consignment shop, or wear someones' hand-me-downs. If I dress awful enough people might just give me clothes because they won't be able to stand looking at me anymore, that's happened before....

Anyway, we didn't buy any clothes and we took the shelves to the cashier to check out. Our cashier guy was wearing his Target shirt like all the other employees and he had his collar buttons undone so you could see his chest hair. He talked like he was trying to sound like a girl. I know people think I'm a bit strange when I'm walking around in my mask, but I don't think I'm the strangest out there.

After we were done with our trespassing into Target, we went to clinic. My darling Aunty Alien came to visit me! It was so nice getting to visit with her. She told us stories of how awful and bratty her kids are, her disgusting medical issues, and what ever else popped into her head. I always enjoy visiting with her. We had a lovely time!

Aunty Alien stayed pretty much the whole appointment. Agent 99 (my clinic nurse) came in, accessed me, and hooked me up to my IVIG and Patch (my doctor) came and checked me up. My platelets had dropped a bit and were in the 90's, not too fabulous but, not anything to worry about. My creatinine had also dropped a little bit, and we were all happy with that. It was down to 2.4, so it went down a tiny smidge. That means my kidney function is a bit better than it was last week.

Shortly after Aunty Alien left I went to sleep. I was very tired from my pre-med for my IVIG. I woke up to find my mother on the phone with my dad. My dad is a physical therapist and does home care. Dad had gotten into a car accident and was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. After Mom hung up, she told met that Dad said his chest hurt a bit from the air bag but he thought he would be fine. Dad had pulled off the road to avoid hitting a car who had stopped in front of him and the person behind him slammed into him and made him hit a tree.

On the way home from clinic we picked up Dad from the hospital parking lot. He was walking a bit like he was hurt, which is really unusual for Dad because he is so macho. He is a man and nothing can hurt him. So, Mom and I were a bit worried about him.

Dad was a bit upset because he had just gotten something in his car fixed that had cost quite a bit of money, he had just filled it up with gas, and now his precious was totalled. Two years ago, in 2007, Dad got in two car accidents in October in less than one week. None of these accidents were his fault. He thinks October is just an unlucky month for him. When he had gotten this car two years ago, he got a good deal on it and he was so proud of it and he loved it. Now it is dead. Poor Daddy.

We brought my dad home and we went to Brother's soccer scrimmage that he had been talking about for the past two weeks. It was against another competitive team and the opposing team members had been talking trash to each other ever since the scrimmage was arranged. Brother's team got squished.

The boys in our house had a rough day Thursday.

Friday, was a half day and Sleeping Beauty (my cousin who sleeps a lot and is beautiful) came home with brother. I didn't really talk much to her because I had to do homework for Rosetta Stone (my home bound teacher) who was coming over later in the day. I was really tired on Friday. I slept until like 11 o'clock.

Today is Saturday and I didn't do much today either. I finished the bud-bud (say the "u" like the "oo" in book) and I gave Baby and Piggy a bath with Mom. Bud-bud is sweet sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf. It is a Philippine food, it is very yummy.

Now I am at home and Mom, Dad, and Brother are at the neighbor's house. I couldn't go because someone with a slight cold was over there earlier today. I get to have a girls night in with Baby, Piggy and Pineapple!

Have a great weekend!
Miss E.
PS: Go Gators!


  1. Your trip to the amusement park (target) sounded like fun! It seems like everywhere we go we end up sitting next to "the coughing people" so be careful out there on all of your wild adventures. We hope your dad is feeling better and we are sorry about his car. See you in a few days! Yeah Gators!

  2. You are becoming quite the rebel with all the sneeking around. Maybe you will be a spy someday? Be careful!
    Love, Your #1 Fan

  3. What a busy week! So glad that your Dad is okay. And yes, GO GATORS!!