Monday, October 26, 2009

Cute Smile and a Nice Back-Side

Dear Reader,

I have been the busy bee of late. Since I have been having more energy I have been doing more and more. I've been riding along in the car every chance I get too.

Brother had a friend sleep over on Friday night. His friend is on his soccer team and they had a game Saturday. This is the cutest of Brother's friends. He has a such a sweet smile. Everyone loves his smile, it'll light up any room. He is just so cute! Brother's friend is on a swim team and apparently is quite good. I have decided to name him after a smiling swimmer that can light up a room. If you are a Disney fan, you might recognize the Angler Fish from the movie "Finding Nemo".

Anyway, Brother and Angler actually won their first soccer game last Saturday! Hooray! They have been such losers for so long and they finally won a game. So, we are all very happy about that.

The weather was so beautiful on Saturday that we decided to burn our big ol' pile of wood that we had been waiting to burn. Mom doesn't like to start fires when Dad is not home because she has set our field on fire too many times. I've learned from past experiences that when a field catches fire it is good to have at least three able people present. One to run and get buckets water (that would be Brother), one to run over from his chickens to the fire to do some kind of fire dance on top of it (Daddy), and one to run around in small circles near the fire with her hands in the air and yell repeatedly, "FIRE!!! FIRE! THERE'S A FIRE!" (that would be Mommy).

Our fire was so hard to get going. We thought it would never start, when all of a sudden there was a WHOOSH! and the fire shot out of the ground just like when they send a shuttle into space on TV. The "WHOOSH!" stayed for quite a while and got EXTREMELY hot. When it died down a whole lot, Brother went and took a picture with his phone to send to his friend who loves bon-fires to "rub it in his face". I had posted it up on here, but then I accidentally clicked on "Remove Formatting From This Section" and poof it was gone. When I went back to get the chip, I discovered that the chair had eaten it. We tried everything we could to get it to cough it back up, but all it coughed up were straight pins. So we are going to wait until it poops it out.

The fire was quite fun. I walked up and down the hill in our back yard and I really felt it on Sunday. I'm really out of shape.

Sunday everyone went to church, except me of course. I think everyone really liked it. We hadn't been in so long. I got up a while after Mom, Brother, and Dad got home. I was tired from the fire the night before I guess.Once I had got dressed and ready to go, Mom, Dad and I went car shopping. We were looking to buy a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry to replace Dad's old car.

We didn't buy a new car for Dad that Sunday. We went to two car dealerships, but he has his heart set on a Honda Accord exactly like his old one except not smooshed. He's never owned anything else car wise, and he LOVES them. Dad is a really tough customer, the first car sales had to get the manager pretty early on and still couldn't take it. He ended up walking away. I thought he was going to cry, the poor dear. The second one was a really nice, sweet, easy to trust car dealer from Bangladesh trying to sell Dad a Toyota Camry. He told us how the Camrys are as nice as the Accord but better because of the "Nice, comfy, roomy back-side." He was really cute, and he never looked like he was going to cry. He was a great sales man. I probably would have bought the car he was trying to sell.

Today I woke up quite late, at noon. I don't know why I've been sleeping so late, but I hope I get over it soon. We picked up Brother and got a snack and then went to my uncle's doctor's office to get our flu shots.I was super nervous about getting my flu shot. So, so nervous. I kept thinking about the Swain Princess though and how she got her flu shot and it didn't hurt her at all. I was saying her name over and over in my head. It's crazy that I was this anxious about a little shot, all I've done and gone through, but I'm not used to anyone but me giving me shots. My own mother hasn't given me shots since I was 10 except for when I was diabetic and needed my daily insulin and I felt so terrible that I asked her to do it, and at that point I didn't care. Someone could have cut off my big toe with a light saber and I wouldn't have cared. Anyway, I insisted that Mom and Brother go first, and then I went. The nurse was super good! I didn't feel a thing, hurt less than a bug bite. I love flu shots!

Dad wasn't with us at the time so we took a shot to go for him. Dad was home when we got home and I said, "Hey Daddy! Do you want to play nurse and patient?"

Dad told me to wait until Mom got the camera. After I was all done he told me that I did a great job, that his chicken bites hurt more than that, and he now has evidence against me for malpractice.

Dr. Miss Ellaneous

PP Thank you to my #2 Fans for sending me the adapter so I could put all these pictures up!


  1. Great story Mary! And what superb technique giving your Dad his shot! Way to go.

  2. I big thanks to your Fans for fixing you up to post pictures. I love them. Sorry about Brother's camera chip. I hope it turns up. Will you post a picture of you talking through the radio tomorrow?
    Love, #1

  3. Thanks Polly, I hope you were able to read all of my post. My #1 Fan said that some of it was missing when she read it.

  4. That Angler Fish is freaky! Glad you are back in the picture business! I hope your #1 Fan doesn't read your PP above. We were promoted and I think she might have something to say about that!

  5. You are right #2 Fans! I hope she doesn't read it either! I would never hear the end of it, you know how crazed fans can be sometimes... I better change that for your personal safety, she might hunt you down to regain her title.