Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Football, Fabulousness, and Geese, Hawks, and Deer

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was really fun, I did a whole bunch! I'll tell you all about it, but I'm going to update you on the previous days first.

On Sunday we watched football. Dad has come to enjoy football very much. He's becoming more American all the time. During one of the games he was watching over the weekend he cheered on the player saying "SAACK! SAAACK!" with the "a" really strained out. I knew why, and I had to smile. He's really working on saying "sack" because last year we were all watching football together when Dad yells out, "SUCK HIM! SUCK HIM! SUCK HHHHIIIMMM!!!!!!!" I was 14 and Rio had either just turned 13 or was going to soon. We all, Mom included, just looked at him with our eyes popped out. Then shortly after we all burst into laughter. We've teased him about it so much and told so many people the story since then that I doubt he'll ever do it again. Its a good memory for my memoirs.

On Monday Brother had soccer practice. I think this is his last day that it is on Monday, next week he'll have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays again. I brought Piggy with for her training. There was a whole bunch of people at the park, but Piggy did really good. She got to see her first little kids. A dad, big nice looking guy, came up to me with his little girl, who came up to his thigh in height, and said, "Can she pet your dog? She loves puppies." The little girl was all shy, hiding behind her daddy's leg, and so cute with fine long light brown wavy hair. I'm thinking, "Puppy? This girl is nuts!" However I say, "Sure! My dog would love that!"

I gave Piggy the go-ahead and she goes to the girl and as the girl is petting her she lifts her nose and sniffs the girl's face. Their noses are at the same level. I never realized how big Piggy really is. The last time she was weighed, she was 107lbs but I didn't really think of her as that big. When she steps on my feet I get huge bruises, but I thought that was mostly my fault. The girl just kept on petting her and loving on her, she had such a cute smile, and the Dad keeps saying, "She just loves puppies." I keep thinking that they are a bit bonkers because my dog is like 3 times the size of that kid and so not a "puppy". It was all good though. The girl followed Pig and me around the whole time she was there and became very chatty in no time and kept telling me how much she "loves puppies". Pig, the girl, and I bumped into some other kids and Pig did wonderful with everyone she met. I'm quite proud of her.

Tuesday, yesterday, was a very fun day (as I have previously stated), I got to do a lot. It was a clinic day and a meeting day. I'm on the family advisory counsel at the hospital I go to. I'm the youngest member. I was only 13 when I joined. There are currently only two patients on the counsel, and they only let me be on there because I'm a super genius mastermind and I'm totally awesome and fabulous. I'm still trying to figure out why they picked the other patient to be on the counsel, not to be mean or anything though. The other patient is very quiet during the meetings, and she's 18 now. Her mother talks all the time! Everyone on the counsel raises their hands and waits their turn to talk except her mother. Her mom likes to tell stories, and some of them are kind of personal to her daughter. I was so stunned that her daughter let her tell those things to a whole room full of people when she first did it! I'm a bit more used to it now though.

Anyway, first was clinic. Our appointment was at 3ish. Agent 99 wasn't there, so Agent 100 (the boss nurse) got the privilege of sticking me. This time she didn't trip on anything or make any comments about being blind. Though I might not have heard her if she did. CatWoman was visiting us when I got stuck.

CatWoman is the media lady for the hospital, she is awesome. She has her nickname for her love of cats and her paralyzed-cat-like reflexes. We chatted with CatWoman for as long as we could and examined her newer bruises and wounds she had. She has a large newly acquired burn from frying fish (cats have a thing for fish you know) and another new bruise that she doesn't know the origin of. CatWoman came to invite me to be on the All Children's Hospital Radiothon. I do enjoy doing these type of things very much! We got the okay from Patch (my doctor) and I am scheduled to be on the radio at 11AM next Wednesday, the 28th, on US 103.5FM. For you computer no-nothings, you can click on US 103.5FM and it will take you to the station's website where you can click "listen live" in the top left corner of the page and listen to the station live.

After clinic we went to CatWoman's building to get my picture taken by Marshmallow. Marshmallow is so named because he is a marshmallow. He is the moving picture man for the hospital and he is a mushy marshmallow guy. I've seen him crying behind the camera before, and he cries during the telethon every year, and he's just a marshmallow. He's a lovable one though.

Marshmallow was all excited about taking my picture. He is learning to be a still picture man instead of just a moving picture man. Peter Pan is teaching him. Peter Pan is the still picture man, and he's also a cartoonist, music writer, music player, and what ever else he wants to be. He grew up around the hospital because his dad was some big kahuna, and everyone that has been with the hospital for a long time treats him like their little boy nephew. He's always happy and joyful and having lots of fun. He's forever a boy, which is why he is named Peter Pan. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of Peter Pan this visit because he "had something" but he did bounce (okay, he really walked, but it always seems bouncy when he does it) into the room once on accident and ruffled my gorgeous curls.

Marshmallow took tons of pictures of me, kept saying over and over that's he's not a good photographer, and Peter Pan is better, and "I don't know what I'm doing." He would say it like this though, "You're beautimus! I don't even know what I'm doing and you look great!" That's what he kept saying most of all, "Beautimus! You're just beautimus!" I think he had learned a new word since I had seen him last.

While Marshmallow was taking pictures of me, Mom and CatWoman went over the script that she had written up for me. I'm part of the production team for the bone marrow transplant discharge DVD that we are working on. I'm "the star" of the DVD, or at least that is the way it is planned to be right now. You never know things may change. I hope that these things don't though because that would be really inconvenient for CatWoman as she is writing the script to fit me.

Anyway, after pictures and what not we went to the meeting. None of the vending machines were working and they didn't have any food that I could eat that I liked in the cafeteria, so Walski went into the kitchens and got me some Doritos. I can't tell why Walski has her nickname, because in doing so I would probably have to expose her true identity.

We were all excited about this meeting because we were having new members attending. Some of these new members were Mother and Father Goose, also known to you, Reader, as my #2 fans. The meeting went okay, we discussed some new projects that we will be working on that I'm quite excited about, I'll let you know about them as they unflold.

After the meeting we got to talk to Mother and Father Goose for quite a bit, and I also talked to Sargent Sweetness. Sargent Sweetness is the boss lady of the family advisory counsel. She is really super sweet, you meet her and you want to bake something for her, but she is someone that you would never want to cross or make upset. Pure sweetness with a cup of sargent mixed in, maybe a bit like your grandma.

Mother and Father Goose live near where Brother's next soccer game is going to take place, so they might bring the Swain Princess and the Silly Goose to go watch his game this Saturday. I think Brother is actually a bit excited about this.

HawkMom, the head parent of the family advisory counsel, wasn't there today. Her son was sick. This was quite bummish because I really love to visit with her and I really wanted to introduce her to my #2 fans. There will be other meetings though, so maybe next time.

After the meeting and all of our lovely chatting, we left for the long ride home. We can get home in about an hour and a half if the road has no body else on it as it did last night. On the way home I saw something really cool! It was a doe, a deer, a female deer! It was actually two darling deers. It was very exciting, we sped by them on the toll road at 60 or 70mph, but I did see them. They were very close to the road too.

Today I have not done anything very constructive, and I have a lot of work to do and I feel quite a bit unaccomplished. So, I am going to ground myself for a bit. Usually I can get a lot of work done in decent time when I get in "the zone", so I probably won't stay grounded long but, if you don't hear from me it is because I'm doing very important things.

Thank you for your prayers and comments if you leave them,
Miss E.
PS Patch called my mom during the meeting and gave the verdict on my blood. My platelets and creatinine (kidney function) have not changed too much. My sodium was low and potassium was high, Patch thinks something might be up with the steroid I am on, but I'll let you know more about that when I do.


  1. What excitement! Love keeping in touch this way. Hope those counts even out by next week and that you get caught up on all the other important things you must do.
    Love, Your #1 Fan

  2. To the "Totally Awesome and Fabulous" Miss Ellaneous:

    Yikes! Keep your dad out of the sports bars for a while. I'm not sure the other fans would quite understand.

    That is really cool about the radio gig! Maybe you can make it a regular show! We will put it on our calendar to listen in.

    We loved seeing you at the meeting and are very excited to be members. Your adapter is in the mail and you should have it tomorrow.

    Your Totally Cool and Amazing #2 Fans!