Sunday, October 4, 2009

How Jupiter Got His Name, and Radio

My dear, Reader,

It has been a little while since I've last written, but have no fear! I shall get you up to speed with what's been happening!

Last time I wrote was Wednesday, which means that the day after that was one of my social outing days! Thursday Brother had soccer practice and I took Piggy with to further her therapy dog training. She is doing very well. I'm quite proud of my little big Piggy. I took some pictures with my cell phone so I could show you how she looks when she's "on duty". However, I'm very sorry to say that I can't get them on the computer! See, I have this little memory card, and I put it in to the computer and it said it needed to be finalized. Then, it tells me that it will delete everything on the card when I finalize it. So, I move the pictures to the phone memory, and I try to finalize it. It doesn't work. I put the card back in the phone and try to finalize it though the phone, it seems to work. I put it back in the computer, it doesn't work. It just keeps telling me "Windows can not finalize...." So, I'm going to have to talk to the cell phone guys and see if they can fix it.

Anyway, Piggy is doing famously with her training! She's pretty much my shadow unless I tell her not to be. She is getting to be very attentive. She can even go leash-less. I told her to "STAY" at a corner of the bathroom building and I walked around it (out of her sight) and appeared at the other side and she was in the exact same position as I had left her. She didn't even come when she saw me, she waited until I gave the command. What a good girl! She's started to ask me permission before she greets people, she really wants to say hi to EVERYONE but she seems to understand that not everyone wants her to say hi to them. Yes, I'm quite proud of my precious Pig.

The day after soccer practice was Friday. Rosetta Stone, my home-bound teacher, came and did school with me that day. She brought me the book "To Kill A Mocking Bird" which I started today. She also gave me some geography homework and some vocabulary. She is coming back tomorrow, because I have clinic this Friday. Me and Rosetta always finish our school sessions with a sudoku battle. She beat me this time, again. I'll get her though, the lovely Rosetta Stone will be reduced to grains of sand by the time I'm done with her!

Saturday, was a work day. The boys (being Dad and Brother) went and did yard work at the rental houses that my parents own. Mom did work everywhere around the house, I can't even count all the places, and she also helped me with my room. My aunt and uncle are coming to visit for my birthday and Brother and my rooms are horrible messes. I switched rooms with Brother for his birthday, as he had always wanted my room, and they still aren't quite straightened out. When the boys got home, Brother did school work, and Dad played with his chickens outside.

Then, Saturday night, Brother's friend, Jupiter came over and spent the night. Jupiter is named after the planet, the gas giant. Jupiter is very tall, and is has super natural wind-making abilities. He can produce wind so toxic it could kill a small child. He towers over everyone in my family in height, and he can eat a lot. Once we got a "monster" pizza that was 28 inches in diameter and he ate 1/3 of it all by himself in one sitting. When he comes over he is family, he calls my parents mom and dad, they call him son, and I treat him as my brother. We even took him with to be on a telethon with us once and and I introduced him to the TV guy as my brother. Jupiter is super tall, with wavy/curly blonde hair and blue eyes. He doesn't look anything like Brother and I who are half white and half Asian. The TV guy didn't question it though, and Jupiter was introduced to the state of Florida as one of "Miss's brothers".

Today Brother had a soccer tournament in Tampa Bay. So Mom, Jupiter and Brother left the house at 9 so they could get there by the time the game started. I think we live about two hours from the Tampa field.

While they are at the game, I've been at home and busy being fabulous. I did some school work, and then I went on the radio. Really I did! I was on the radio today to talk about my bone marrow transplant. It was on a radio show called "Focus on Females Radio Health Care Clinic" and it was bone marrow transplant day. The host guy called me up on the phone and I was a guest with Patch. It was all educational, the host man didn't seem to really want to make things fun. That's not usually the way I roll, but it was fine. I was fabulous anyway!

That's about it for today. Brother, Jupiter, and Mom are expected to come home around 8pm as Brother's last game ends at 6. I'm quite looking forward to tonight. Daddy is going to make me his chicken soup. He hasn't gone out and killed the chicken yet, but he sure to sometime soon. That chicken soup always hits the spot, and chickens from the yard taste different than chickens from the store. Store chickens just don't belong in Daddy's chicken soup.

I'm going to go and do more school work, I owe all my teachers except my driver's ed teacher. I've been working really hard in her class so I can get my learner's permit by my birthday which is only 37 days away! I'm so excited!

Hope you have a great Sunday!
Miss E.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day and are feeling well. I hope you get your permit for your birthday too. Will be an awesome driver!

    Your #1 Fan

  2. Can't say I'm craving chicken right now...A giant pizza YES...Chicken NO. Maybe your dad can write a book "To Kill a Chicken". Mocking birds don't have much meat on them.

    Maybe you can give Mother Goose some training tips. Our dogs don't listen very well and it sounds like you are doing a great job with Piggy.

    I'm sure you made the radio show much more lively.

    Have a great week!

  3. How do you think of these things # 2 Fan?

    Love, #1 Fan